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Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (19 Images)

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    "Yesterday my daughter found a kitten. She is allergic so I’m new mom now and his name is Sam. I’m in love"


    This is what we call a good cat mom. We are pretty sure we would also not be able to leave this adorable little furball alone even if we found out someone in our family was allergic to it. Thank you for keeping this little guy, we are sure the happiness it will bring will outweigh the sneezing. 

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    "He was found in the street crying..."


    "He was found in the street crying... no sign of his mom or other kittens nearby...i think he is 4wks old (the vet wasn't available until tues. So I'll know then)...guess I have a new family member... meet Dunkin everyone!!!"

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    "Daughter convinced me to get a cat. Somehow ended up with siblings!"

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    "I was chosen!"

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    "Went out for steaks, came home with this guy and a big bag of dog food instead."

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    "Maggie is 15 years old and new to our house, she's been here for about a week and fell in love with my husband. here she is staring into his soul."

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    "I adopted a dog for the first time this week. Meet Gracie."

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    "We just adopted our first puppy. His name is Moose and he's only 9 weeks old. Our new good boy."

  • 9

    "My niece just got a puppy. I think he likes her."

  • 10

    "After being rescued from a log pile here is Rocky in all his glory at 3 weeks old."

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    "I was rescued from a house renovation project today by my now grandpa. I dont have a name and I'm missing half my tail, but I do have a home now."

  • 12

    "My rescue cat Marvin, picked him up 2 weeks ago after he spent 2 years as a stray"

  • 13

    "Me and my girlfriend just got our first cat! Welcome home Joe!"

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  • 14

    "Adorable fur baby who adopted me during quarantine"

  • 15

    "Adopted two kitties couple days ago. Sisters obviously."

  • 16

    "rescued this kitty from work...only to find out that she had 5 little bonus surprises. she's such a good mama for being so young"

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  • 17

    "We picked up Jasper today!!!"

    Cat - 1123
  • 18

    "My new little boy, Hades!"

  • 19

    "One of the five kittens found in a box in a parking garage. All of them found happy homes."


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