I Can Has Cheezburger?

Terrified Kitten Falls In Love With New Adoptive Family (Viral Thread)

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    "This is Kyrie. He was one of my special behavioral cases at work. I’m a feline behaviorist at a shelter and working with scared or traumatized cats is my specialty. Today I’d like to tell you about Kyrie."

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    "Kyrie was very shut down when he first came in. Hiding in a box, hissing, the whole shebang. I brought him into my office as I often do with these kinds of cats. It lets me keep a closer eye on them and makes it easier to work with them."

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    "He started to get a little more comfortable with me. I couldn’t touch him, and if I moved in his direction he’d hiss and run to a hiding spot. He would taunt me by making adorable biscuits."

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    "Kyrie LOVED to play. Stuffed animals were his favorite. At first he’d only play if I wasn’t looking at him, but he relaxed more and let me play with him!"

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    "AND THEN THIS HAPPENED. One day he started letting me pet him, and not 24 hours later he wanted to be in my lap constantly."

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    "I wasn’t about to tell him no. He was still scared of everyone else, but if I was present he’d allow a few tentative pets from other staff."

    "It was time to try and find him an adopter. Because of how Kyrie looks, I knew this would be problematic. Gorgeous cats like Kyrie get a LOT of attention and people tend to smile and nod and say they're okay with the behavior problems and then return the cat a week later because they aren't perfect. I normally don't talk to potential adopters, but with special cats like Kyrie, I do a required consult to weed out the people who aren't serious."

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    "Well, we hit the jackpot for Kyrie. They were sent home knowing they might not touch him for two months or longer. They sent me this picture from one of his first days in his new home. Going as expected."

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    "He got a little bolder; as long as they didn’t come too close, he’d stay out on top of his cat tree."

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    "Eventually he decided on top of the bed was comfier than underneath. This whole room was just for him."

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    "He started to explore! They still couldn’t touch him but he would come hang out near them and look for treats."

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    "And then he turned into the same cuddle bug he was with me!!! He couldn’t get enough attention."

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    "Kyrie decided that the dog’s bed belonged to him."

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    "Begrudgingly sharing a space with the dog."

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    "I am so happy Kyrie wound up in the perfect home. I miss him so much but I couldn’t have asked for anything better for him. Adoptions like this make all the hard days at my job worth it."



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