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Sweet Robin Couple Becomes Parents (Videos)

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    Birdy update from our source: this female robin is hard at work laying eggs. She lays about one per day and exerts a lot of effort for each egg. This American robin is working on her second brood already this spring! Good for you, mama! The juvenile birds from her first brood are happily flying around the OP's Massachusetts' yard. In the meantime, mom and dad share a tasty snack.

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    This mama is in full incubating mode! We can tell by her movements. As you can see, there is lots of sitting and wiggling going on here to ensure the eggs are warm and cozy.

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    Is she laying an egg?

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    Birdy is panting! It looks to us like she may be laying an egg. That is one hard working bird mama. According to our source, this bird mama usually lays one egg per day. She's laid one so far, that means more are coming!

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    Bird nest
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    It's the wiggle for us.

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