British Girl Beats the Big Heatwave by Pretending to Be the “Freezer Inspector” for the Frozen Food Aisle at a Grocery Store


It's fuggin' hot this summer. The world is just heating up more and more every year. We're starting to melt along with it. Soon, summer days of frolicking on the beach will be over and come the days where we have to take shelter in AC powered shelters…


For now, we're all trying to figure out how to beat the heat in any way possible. Get yourself a public pool pass maybe? Find a good swimming hole? Go to the movie theater and sit in the nice air conditioned cinema? No, no, no. TikToker “Zoë Bread” found another way. She lives in an attic in the U.K., and the U.K. isn't known for most places having AC. So as the heatwave started to roll in she needed to quickly think of a way to get out of her extremely hot apartment and stay cool. So she decided the grocery store frozen food aisle. But you can't just loiter inside of a grocery store all day. So how could she get around that? Well, she also makes t-shirt designs professional, so she just whipped up herself a shirt that read “freezer inspector”and was on her way. 



It just goes to show, if you say something with confidence and conviction then you can make almost anybody believe you. Zoë was even walking around earlier in the grocery store wearing a different t-shirt and running a muck, and they still believed her when she changed in the bathroom into her “freezer inspector” t-shirt. Well mostly. 


The video shows her hanging around the freezers taking photos. The store employees come up to her and say she isn't allowed to be taking photos inside the grocery store. She responds quickly with no hesitation that she is the freezer inspector, that's why she was doing that. See the shirt? The funniest part is that the grocery store had recently called in a repairman for the freezers because they were on the fritz. So her story already had some backup. They pushed her asking her more about her job, and she said she works “privately” and “directly to the freezer” and that's why she didn't need to check in with anybody prior to inspection. You can hear in the voices of the store employees that they were a little skeptical, but before they could think hard on it, she said she had done her job, got what she needed from the freezers and was off. 


“A bit hot today, isn't it?”


She totally throw a fast one past these grocery store attendants and she got to stay cool while doing it. 


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