Guy's Harrowing Tale of FAIL About Breaking His Nose While Going Down on Girlfriend is Cringe Thrusters on Full

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    Text - Our story begins in my second year of college, almost a decade ago, in a small mountain town. At the time I had been dating a lovely young woman, we'll call her: obviously a natural redhead, very beautiful, intelligent and sassy as hell. college, and I had big plans to travel the world after, I had refused to call what we were doing "dating" Blondezilla, for several months. Blondezilla was Being as this was or to call her my "girlfriend". To me at the time we were friends with benefits wi
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    Text - Now Blondezilla and I had been "dating" for several months at this point and had a pretty good rhythm going. We'd go on typical dates: Dinner, Movies, Parties, sex-a-thons, most of which would end up in my bed, and would lead to the sex. I consider the sex we had to be rather unique, as the first time it happened, it ended up with her, seconds before climaxing, curling up in the fetal position and crying, and then me feeling like a huge jerk and trying to comfort her. It turns out she had
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    Text - Fast forward a few months after the first Sex-Cry incident, I was working on getting my second degree black belt in karate. To preface this, there are no weight divisions in the style I practice and I was at the time about 5'11" and 155lbs... to use the term scrawny, would be giving of credit. During the grading for the aforementioned belt, I thought I'd try a new nose. The technique failed spectacularly me a lot technique, and stop a mans fist with my as a man, nearly twice my size, trie
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    Text - I called Blondezilla, and she came over right away. We started doing our thing, and this is where I had the brilliant idea of going down on her. She always seemed to like it, despite it ending in tears more often than not, and I always enjoyed doing it. She seemed to be enjoying it, perhaps even more than usual, and in her pleasure bucked her hips up. Her lady parts impacted my nose with what felt like the force of a freight train. The pain was more than I had ever felt in my life. There
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    Text - So there I was, crying in the fetal position on the ground during the sex, blood pouring out of my nose. Blondezilla, initially shocked and panicked because she thought it was "that time of month", quickly realized what had happened, and burst out in what I hope was "sympathy" laughter. And that was the story of the first time I cried during sex Fast Forward to two days before the day after tomorrow. We are best friends, she has found someone who can get her off without ending in tears, m
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    Annnd I'm out.

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