I Can Has Cheezburger?

Stories Of Cats' Unexpected Random Moments Of Madness

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    Font - Susan Wattles I had a cat who did laps around my living room, using a rocking chair as a catapult. I was leaning forward from the couch as his body came hurdling across the room, and I ended up with a black eye. No one believed my explanation. 14 Like · Reply Message 2d Edited

    We are pretty sure that had we not been cat owners, we would not have believed you either. It is such an unexpected thing for cats to do, these random moments of unexpected energy. But being that we are cat owners, we know these little hellions can be insane sometimes, and we relate to these stories so much, we can only sit here and laugh through the pain. 

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    Font - Muriel Scheurer I have a zoomie hide out corner where I stay put until my cat returns to her sort of regular self. She runs so fast, she flies, she slides, gaines momentum by bouncing of walls, she throws herself down the stairs and howls doing al this. She had a vet check the other day and the vet said she still has so much muscles for a cat her age, she is 16. Just glad she stopped doing this exorcist reenactment at 6.30 before coffee. But really just so very proud to have a senior cat

    We can only hope that when our cats get to that age, they will be just as agile and amazing. We will take the random exorcist reenactments in the middle of the night if that means having a super senior cat with this much energy. Goodness, we hope this incredible kitty gets to live many, many more years. 

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    Font - Beth Herren In our old home, the front door was in the kitchen. Vinyl floor, throw rug in front of the door. We also had an older cat, he didn't much play with toys. He did like to run through the living room, take a flying leap to that little rug, and ride it across the room. He would then stare at someone until they put the rug back in front of the door. He also like to wrestle with my husband's hand. Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Font - Casey Hess One of my haus panthers launched herself off of the dining room table onto the back of my loveseat, which I was napping on, she then launched herself off of my face and onto the floor and around the house for a 2nd round, leaving me with a cut next to my eye and a bruised face for a week 6. Like · Reply Message 2d Edited
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    Rectangle - Debbie Lo You know that phrase, 'bouncing off the walls'. Yeah, one of ours (Magnus) did that twice a day when he was young. He's 16 now, so can only be bothered with it about twice a week now. Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Font - Kelli Faust My one cat got those crazies one day. He ran from the living room into the kitchen and straight into my legs. He bounced off and ran smack into the dryer (my washer and dryer are just off the kitchen area). Well, on top of the dryer was a small tub of wallpaper paste that I had been using earlier. It somehow went flying off the dryer, the lid came off, and SPLAT all over the floor. I swear it was like one of those cartoons where the whole house collapses at the end. He was ext
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    Font - Linda Jo Knitty Park Several years ago I had two cats. I put our Christmas tree up in the dining room. From there you can see all the way to the other end of the house. I was sitting in the living room watching TV when I heard loud thumping and a crash. Starting from the end, both cats came running as fast as they could through the house, hopped up on the dining room table and launched themselves into the top of the Christmas tree, knocking it over. The tree stand broke. I moved the tree
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    Font - Linda Jo Knitty Park Another time one of my cats came screaming through the living room with the intent to jump up on the window sill. She face planted into the wall just below. I never laughed so hard. The look on her face was awesome. 1 Like Reply · Message 2d
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    Font - April Schmidt My princess decides 3 am is the time to bring in live mice and let them go. Then she chase's them around my bedroom and cries cos they can get where she can't. When she then gets frustrated and bolts up my floor to ceiling curtains and hangs as long as she can. She never kills or eats the mice. I have to catch them myself. (Note we are in the middle of a mouse plague in South Australia atm). Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Jennifer Reardon DeBari Our first cat used to go nuts with his zoomies. This was before I had ever heard of zoomies, so we just said he was playing being chased by his invisible friend, Maurice Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Human body - Shirley Miers A cat of ours once tore up the basement steps, raced across the house and charged up onto our Department 56 village and broke a house! Like · Reply Message 1d
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    Font - Pia Antoinette My cat does that (except the blinds, he stage dives into the laundry bag instead ) every time he peed. At first I thought it's maybe that the cat litter hurts his little willy. But no. I tried every other brand and every sort of different cat litter. And I've also been to the vet to check if he has urinal problems? Nope. He just likes to run errands after he peed! Like · Reply Message 23h

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