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Anime Catified: Felines Enhanced With Anime Hair (Twitter Thread)

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    Felidae - ever @DabisPoleDance Jun 15 Replying to @DabisPoleDance

    Catsuki, what is your opinion on the climate change and what advice do you have to give to our politicians on constructive legal policy?

    Catsuki thinks that everyone should just be happy and get along. Some rainbows and butterflies couldn't hurt, also.

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    Cat - ever ... @DabisPoleDance

    Catsuki angry, someone messed up his hair! 

    Hooman, stop petting me you have no idea long I spent doing my hair this morning and how much gel was used in this process. 

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    Cat - ever @DabisPoleDance
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    Cat - ever @DabisPoleDance Jun 15 Replying to @DabisPoleDance 方
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    Carnivore - ever @DabisPoleDance
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    Food - ever ... @DabisPoleDance
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    Vertebrate - ever @DabisPoleDance Bonus pt.2: Translate Tweet
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    Cat - ever ... @DabisPoleDance Bonus: Catu v deku Translate Tweet
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    Font - 賽Missile奖 ... @starmissile Replying to @DabisPoleDance

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