I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (22 Images)

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    "My wife talked me into getting a couple of kittens the other day. I guess they're cute or whatever"


    Riiiiight, you keep pretending that you do not love these two fluffballs with every fiber of your being. We will wait. Patiently. For pictures of you with an armful of cats to show up with the caption "he did not want these kittens, look at him now". It'll be beautiful. We can't wait. 

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    "My mum's colleague has a litter of 5 day old bunnies, so we went to see them, and this gorgeous baby fell asleep in my hands. I think I've been chosen"


    Everyone needs a home. It's not just cats and dogs up for adoption out there in the world, and we need to remember that. There are so many animals out there who need our help and our love and warm forever homes. Thank you for taking this cutie into your home, we know it'll live a beautiful life with you. 

  • 3

    "Hi my name is Clover and I adopted my people today!"

  • 4

    "Meet Peanut. She is 5 weeks old and we will love her forever."

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  • 5

    "This is the picture that got him adopted"

  • 6

    "I introduce you Matkouille, my blind cat saved from Slovakia streets."

  • 7

    "After years of waiting I finally got my puppy. Everyone meet Waffles."

    Dog - KUNG
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  • 8

    "Adopted this 12 yr old battle axe today. Turns out she’s entirely deaf. Already runnin the place."

  • 9

    "So many people told me not to get a kitten because I didn't seem like a cat person, but meet my new baby and first ever addition to my family."

    Cat - KEA
  • 10

    "Rescued a kitten today at work. My husband doesn't know yet (If you see this, LOOK, I COULDNT STOP MYSELF, OKAY)"

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  • 11

    "I have wanted one since I was a kid. Today I overcame my fear of commitment and responsibility at 27 years of age. Alexander the Small is gonna get my full love and care."

  • 12

    "Took in a stray female tortie. Turns out she was pregnant. Now I have four cats!"

  • 13

    "My new kitten's first encounter with the big ball of flame in the sky"

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  • 14

    "Izzy has now been adopted. She was a part of the 130 cats we rescued from a hoarder. Now only 114 cats need to be adopted."

  • 15

    "After almost a year since I lost my previous cat, I decided to get a new kitten"

  • 16

    "Our newest baby, Moon Pie"

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  • 17

    "This is my Bear. She came to our family at a very difficult time, and I don't know what I'd do without her. She's pleased to meet you!"

  • 18

    "Meet Kuro. She is an opera singer"

  • 19

    "Stray kitten I just rescued this morning"

    Cat - Leep
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  • 20

    "Just adopted my first pet as an adult. Everyone, say hi to Meatball - she's a 5-year-old tortie."

  • 21

    "Rescued after being dumped at my work poor little man, I thought his leg was injured turned out his born without back paws."

  • 22

    "We adopted two feral kitties this weekend! Two days in and we’re getting slow blinks and trills. I think we’re doing ok."


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