I Can Has Cheezburger?

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#141)

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    "I tried to take a photo with my cat and it turned out than I expected. Do I have to release a hot rap album now?"


    We have truly never seen a more fabulous yet bada*s picture taken of a man and a cat, and we must applaud you for it. Yes, you must go release a hot rap album now, so long as you make the promise that this cat will be part of the music video and will have this exact expression on its face. 

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    "These two have been inseparable since my wife got pregnant. Today’s my wife’s due date. I think our cat knows."


    Cats can feel it when their human mom is pregnant, we are convinced of it. And this cat in particular... we can already see the most wholesome and adorable friendship blossoming between it and the baby. Their are going to be the bestest of friends, and we cannot wait to see more pictures of their friendship as they grow. 

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    "In case you never saw a lizard sleeping inside a rose"

  • 4

    "What a beauty"

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  • 5

    "Came home to my favorite Peep's"

  • 6

    "And ye shall be named... Cinnamon Roll."

  • 7

    "Hello my name is Simba"

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  • 8

    "Meet Merlin, the King of Siberian's, eater of spiders and lover of plastic bags!"

  • 9

    "My husband and I have waited for 3 years to be able to afford a dog… Meet Archer!"

  • 10

    "yummy butter chimken"

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  • 11

    "First foster kitten. Will I end up keeping her?"

    Car - W 10:56 Lo Phone Setting Smartphone Connection ATE ECON
  • 12

    "He came back with a friend"

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  • 14

    "These bunnies with spinach hats enjoying their greens"

  • 15

    "This is Bentley, my girlfriend’s duckling."

  • 16

    "Charlie recently moved to being a boat cat. Safe to say he's adjusting comfortably!"

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  • 17

    "I feel like my old boy Rusty (14) belongs in a calender shoot for senior pups. What do you think?"

  • 18

    "Got a ton of rain last night, and woke up to this little guy splashing in the tiny "pond" that formed in my backyard"

  • 19

    "18.5 years old and 18 years by my side."

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  • 20

    "A kitten followed my mail cart for four blocks. Went back later to find her huddled by a garbage pile. Guess I adopted a kitten."

    Cat - ULTIM
  • 21

    "She just turned ten, still thunder buddies till them end"

    Smile - Risk
  • 22

    "My kitten has found the warmest spot in the house"

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  • 23

    "decoy keyboard is a success"

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