Fed Up Fiance Demands Bride Choose Between Him And Her Overbearing Parents

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    Font - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/throw354235 9 hours ago 9 12 3 3 A 9 AITA For telling my fianceé she's either with me or against me in this conflict? So My fianceè (F, 24) & I (M, 27) got engaged in may and are currently planning for our wedeing in Aug. It's worth mentioning that I'm the sole earner because my fianceé is still in University, I've saved up decent amount of money to afford the wedding.

    Scroll down for all the juicy family drama. Panic! At The Wedding reaches a whole new level in this one. That is, if the wedding even takes place after all this. 

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    Font - Thing is her parents get involved in everything. From picking the engagement ring on my behalf, to giving opinions on where we should rent and now my FMIL is constantly giving opinions on our wedding. FMIL would follow up on everything we do and make negative comments on things like: the best man, the guest list, and food. She told my fianceè she didn't like who I picked to be my best man and wanted me replace him after a big argument but I said no. Though My fianceè said we shouldve just

    We don't understand why the MIL thinks she has a say in who his best man is. The groom is the only one who should have a say regarding who his best man is. Very confused as to who this woman thinks she is. 

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    Font - Now the current or biggest conflict between us. MIL called saying she didn't like the venue we picked which is in our hometown. She wanted me to reconsider but I said no since my fianceé liked it too. But my fianceé came to me yesterday to show me a venue her mom picked and already paid for saying since she paid for it then I should say yes this time. I was in shock and angry because not only did she not consult us but the venue she picked is 3 towns away where my BIL lives. I immediately
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    Font - refused and she kept saying I'm refusing on purpose because "I hate her mom" and am playing cat & mouse with her. I bluntly said her mom is indeed making this a game and told my fianceé she's either with me or against on this issue. She either backs me up or there won't be anymore wedding planning. She got upset and started crying asking what she's going to tell her mom and why I was making her choose between me & her parents but I just feel like she's refusing to see why I don't want thi
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    Font - We haven't talked eversince that argument. My friend called me ungrateful fool for turning away a free wedding venue over distance but I can't help but feel FMIL did it purposely.
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    Font - PJ_fan · 8h & 2 5 & 9 More NTA but this is a very good peek into your future. Your MIL is going to do this all the time about everything and it doesn't sound like your fiancée has the spine to stand up to her. You need to have a conversation with her about your partnership and her mother. If you're happy to deal with this for the rest of your life then good luck with the wedding, but if you don't want her interfering with everything (imagine when she becomes a grandmother!) then you need
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    Font - DowncastOlympus · 6h Nailed it. It never ceases to amaze me how few people seem to understand you are almost never marrying just your partner: you are also marrying into their family. No matter how amazing a partner is, if they have nosy/overbearing/toxic/etc family, you will have to live with those in-laws in your life and in your marriage unless your partner has already chose to go low/no contact with them. In other words, you REALLY need to find out what your in- laws are going to be l
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    Font - bogo0814 · 2h Partassipant [3] OP, ask your fiancé point blank “Am I marrying you or your mother? Because I'm confused on why you think your mother has any say in our wedding or marriage." NTA.
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    Human body - amb123abc · 8h Colo-rectal Surgeon [35] NTA. The question you need to ask yourself is if this is a life you want to live. This isn't going away after the wedding.
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    Font - CoastalCerulean · 8h Colo-rectal Surgeon [41] NTA Run, OP, RUN! Your parents not being able to make it to that venue should be a deal breaker for your future wife, and her parents. The fact that it isn't shows you just how little they value you, your family, and friends. Think about how this plays with buying a home, having children, raising children- look how much your future monster in law is trying to micromanage your life now, how is it going to be with babies in the mix? Assuming tha

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