I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet Wolfie: An Insta Famous Smiling Werecat

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    Cat - wolfie_smiles 5,353 likes wolfie_smiles It's Murder mitts Monday!

    Wolfie's smile shines bright in this awwdorable snapchat featuring not only his toothy grin, but also from intense murder mitts! This kitty is freshly baked and has assumed loaf position. He is ready for love and affection and we are here to give it to him!

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    Cat - wolfie_smiles 5,152 likes wolfie_smiles Happy FriYay! Still giving Meowmy a hard time

    Oh boy, Wolfie's hitting us with a little snarl action. It's okay buddy, we just want to celebrate how pawesome you are, that's all! This kitty is ready to pounce. 

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    Cat - wolfie_smiles 4,006 likes wolfie_smiles Trolling Meowmy :

    It's all in the angles.

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    Cat - wolfie_smiles 5,070 likes wolfie_smiles This guy sure knows how to make things interesting :
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    Cat - wolfie_smiles 3,855 likes wolfie_smiles Milkies mouf
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    Felidae - wolfie_smiles 1/3 9,571 likes wolfie_smiles Quill and I had a 4hr nap yesterday. I woke up a few times and snapped a pic before falling back asleep :
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    Cat - wolfie_smiles 6,033 likes wolfie_smiles Happy Werewolf Wednesday! Awooooooo
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    Cat - wolfie_smiles 4,864 likes | wolfie_smiles It's Murder mitts Monday! :
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    Textile - wolfie_smiles 4,317 likes wolfie_smiles Come for da Woofies Meowmy. Dare you
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    Cat - wolfie_smiles Wolcie 11,241 likes wolfie_smiles Hello Clarice... :
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    Cat - wolfie_smiles 6,141 likes wolfie_smiles Baby Nug Nug
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    Cat - wolfie_smiles Liked by laurenalbury and 4,904 others wolfie_smiles Most interesting boi in da World
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    Cat - wolfie_smiles Liked by laurenalbury and 14,224 others wolfie_smiles Once upon a time there was a nuggie O @imogenthekitten

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