I Can Has Cheezburger?

12 Doggo Tweets By Viral Twitter Star WeRateDogs

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    Dog - WeRateDogs® This is Obi-Wan. He really thought the sand would taste better. 12/10 @dog_rates Jul 9 ... should've listened to Anakin 899 17 23.2K 217.1K

    Awww sweet little pupperooni. Don't worry little fella, the sand might taste bad but we are sure that mom and dad are cooking you up a puppy feast right now as we speak! Chin up little guy. You are awesome and don't you forget it.

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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates · Jun 22 This is Fozzie. He told you to have a good day this morning. Gonna be real pupset if you didn't. 12/10 235 17 5.5K 68.7K

    That moment when you open your camera to the front facing camera by accident. And on top of that you just woke up. We'd imagine that that moment would look a little something like this. Hilarious!

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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates · Jun 17 This is Boshi. It took a little while, but he finally learned how to activate both his ears at the same time. 13/10I love him #EarsToVets @Trupanion ... Tofu & Boshi the Corgis 220 27 4.2K 54.8K
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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates · Jun 16 This is Charly. Someone said his right ear is longer than his left. He's always been worried about that. 13/10 please tell him it's not true #EarsToVets @Trupanion 248 27 1.6K 34.9K क
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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates · Jun 11 This is Duke. He wasn't very confident when he was little, but then he turned 1. Had a major glow-pup. 13/10 for the handsomest lad 370 27 5K 86.5K
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    Dog - @dog_rates · 15h WeRateDogs® O This is Midge and Rowan. They think they're the same size, and comfort each other with both kisses and cuddles. For anything those can't fix, they have @Trupanion. 13/10 for each #partner ... 84 27 1.7K 29.2K
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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates · Jul 12 This is Birdie. It's her first day at her new job. A little nervous after seeing there aren't any cattle to herd. Thought she was pretty clear about her strengths during the interview. 13/10 ara 371 17 4.2K 82.3K
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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates · Jul 9 This is Ginny. She loves to swim, but recently broke her knee jumping from the shore onto the dock. She had surgery to fix it yesterday and was so brave. We covered the remaining cost of that surgery for her. Please consider pet medical insurance. It's best to be puppared. 13/10 A broken knee cap can't stop this girl! 60 17 1.1K 22.8K
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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates · Jul 7 We only rate dogs. This is an owl. I don't care how friendly he is, please only send dogs. We are getting frustrated. Thank you. 13/10 412 t7 6.8K 96.1K
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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O This is Oslo. Ever since he came home, he's been an absolute wrecking ball. So far he's avoided major accidents, but according to his parents, it's only a matter of time. That's why he's covered with @Trupanion, because it's best to be puppared. 13/10 #partner @dog_rates Jun 29 146 17 1.3K 27K
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    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates · Jun 28 This is Bilbo. Every time he visits his cousins in the highlands, he gets self conscious that his horns haven't grown in yet. They're always nice about it, though. 13/10 we're sure they'll come in soon buddy 374 27 6.2K 78.3K
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    Dog - @dog_rates · Jun 22 WeRateDogs® This is Daisy and Luna. Daisy doesn't like car rides so Luna comforts her until they both fall asleep. H*ckin heartwarming. 13/10 for each ... 825 27 19.3K 168.5K

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