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Rescued Dog Adopts And Raises 7 Orphaned Kittens

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    The 7 kittens, who were discovered by the side of the road, were brought to Battersea Dogs & Cats Homeby a member of the public when they were just two weeks old. They were found without a mom, unable to fend for themselves. Thankfully, after being checked at Battersea, it was discovered that although they were very hungry, they were otherwise healthy. Rachel offered to take them home and be their foster parent until they get a little older and get ready to be adopted. 

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    One-year-old Bertie stepped up to the plate and helped raise all these little kitties. To Metro, Rachel said: "As a former Battersea resident himself, there's something particularly touching about seeing a rescue pet now helping to rescue other animals in need. I'm incredibly proud of Bertie for the way he has cared for the kittens over the last few weeks. At less than two years old, he's barely an adult himself, but you wouldn't think it when you see how incredibly patient and nurturing he has been."

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    She added: "These kittens have certainly been a handful, from the early days when they needed bottle feeding round the clock, to when they first discovered the joys of climbing. Not only has Bertie helped the kittens become confident, sociable little cats, he's also kept me entertained."

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    Normally, kittens spend 8 weeks with their mom as she feeds them and teaches them survival skills, but in their situation, Rachel had to take that role, bottle-feeding them regularly and helping with their toileting. They were well taken care of in this strange little family. And now, after having gotten big enough, all 7 kittens taken to one of the charity's catteries and have all - yes, all - been adopted. 

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