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Brave Mom Cat Runs Into Burning Barn To Save Her Kittens

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    With a broken heart, we can report that although she had run into the building to save the kittens multiple times, she had managed to save only one - black kitten with white paws. Still, considering the circumstances, even that one kitten being saved is a miracle. Sadly, the mother did not escape unhurt. "She singed and burned parts of her paw pads, ears and entire tiny body. Smoke inhalation was also a problem for the hero."

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    to add to that, the owners of this mom were unfortunately unable to afford to pay to take care of her. Yet, they knew that they could not let her suffer, so they reached out to a local Edmonton, Canada shelter, Furget Me Not Animal Rescue. The rescue is currently at full-capacity, but they still took the survivors in. 

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    The recovery process was not going to be easy, being that this cat was a feral one. But, she was weak and in need of help, and slowly but surely, "her tough exterior will fall away with the healing wounds." At the shelter, the mother was immediately treated "for her unimaginable pain, x-rayed to assess the extent of the smoke inhalation damage to her lungs, given antibiotics, sedation, and her wounds were treated." They will continue providing medication and helping her. 

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    Of course, without owners to pay for all of these procedures - as well as the spaying/neutering, vaccination & microchipping that she will need - the shelter will have to cover for the expenses. And being that they are at overcapacity, they are, for once, asking for help. 

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    "We hate asking for money, especially during these difficult times, but if you can spare any amount to help with their care, we would be incredibly grateful. Etransfers can be sent to furgetmenotyeg@gmail.com. If you prefer to make a donation by credit card, or donate goods in-kind, please send us a message. 

    Without your support, we couldn't help kitties like these ?"

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    This is not the first time that the shelter has helped cats and kittens in such difficult conditions. And we are so, so thankful for all of the love and effort that they put into helping cats like these. So, please, if you are able, consider helping the shelter by donating. We know that we will. 

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    The job that they are doing with these cats and kittens is absolutely amazing. If not for them, chances are that this hero mom and her surviving baby would not have managed on their own. Now, they are in good hands, are taken care of, and hopefully, when they are both fully healed and ready, they will find the kind of purrfect forever home that they deserve. 

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