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Thread: Senior, Blind, Deaf And Sick Dog Finds A Forever Home

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    "A brand new Puckett"


    "Hi everyone, I'm MrPuckett"

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    "Some of you know that these are my two amazing dogs, but you might not know that our family looks a little different all of a sudden"

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    "Meet Nannoo

    15 years old, blind, deaf, heart disease, arthritic, skin infections, and her owner recently passed away

    Their family surrendered the dog to Nashville Humane, where I saw her posted on social media"

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    "She was an absolute mess, and they were working hard to try and give her some kind of quality of life at the shelter"

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    "I had never really considered adding another dog to the family, but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about this one

    3 days after I saw Nannoo posted on Instagram, I went to Nashville Humane to adopt her to try to give her the best life possible"

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    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.

    "Music by @jstaff24"

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    "It was a tough first day at home for blind and deaf Nannoo, bumping into everything and trying to figure out where she was

    She slept over 20 hours that first day, but on day 2 we took her out for her first adventure"

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    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.

    "She could barely stand up, so PJ's old stroller came in handy

    She can experience all of Nashville with us like this, and get out for mini walks every once in a while"

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    "Mini walk #1!

    It's getting a little easier each day - with consistent practice, a great diet and new supplements - it seems like most of the pain she was in when she first came home is almost non-existent now"

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    "The stroller was scary for her at first, but she eventually learned to love it

    We've been sharing her daily adventures on Instagram stories


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    "Every day she walked a little bit more than the day before

    In the week that she's been home, she's gone from stumbling only a few steps up to walking over 6 blocks at a time!!!!"

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    "The Pucketts eventually accepted her as well, and we gave her a nickname that she deserved...

    Nanna Puckett."

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    "It's been an amazing transformation in only 7 days

    A dog that could barely stand up is now jumping on all my furniture and walking around Nashville like a boss

    It's like a completely different dog."

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    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.

    "The vets don't think she'll make it a full year, they call me her "hospice home"

    But with all this progress, it's hard not to be a little excited that maybe she'll have more time left."

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    "Whether she lives for a couple of years or just a couple weeks, I promised that we would show her more love than she ever thought possible.

    Welcome home Nanna Puckett, you're doing an amazing job so far.


    I made a 15 minute video about her first week at home if you'd like to see more



    Hope everyone is doing well, have a beautiful day"

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