I Can Has Cheezburger?

Star Of Instagram And Our Hearts: Meet Maru The Japanese Shiba Inu

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    Dog - marutaro O 神荷糖倉七 20,649 likes オリンピック選手 marutaro I wish you all the best. が練習の成果を出せますように! #まるはまだ呼ばれないな #秘密兵器だからかな #もう少し待つか View all 101 comments 9 hours ago• See Translation

    Wishing good luck to all the totally awesome Olympic athletes that have gathered in Maru's home country of Japan! We have a hunch that if the athletes look at this image before their matches, they might do better, just a hunch though.

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    Dog - marutaro O 不忍之池弁天堂 grafico 33,873 likes marutaro Good morning! + よ~! 蓮の花が縞麗に咲いてる #不忍の池は蓮花が見頃です.. more View all 133 comments pantovisco * O* July 16 · See Translation

    "You might still be thinking that Maru is just a dog. Really, though, he's more than that. Ono began posting photos of Maru after Japan's devastating earthquake in 2011, 'with the hope of easing people's anxiety, even a little bit,' he writes on Maru's website. When people responded to tell him the photos were helping cheer them up, he continued to post three photos a day, every day. Now, four years later, Maru has racked up nearly 2 million Instagram followers." via Time.com.

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    Dog - marutaro 26,592 likes marutaro Preparing for the heat is very important. + O *暑い日はノンラーに限るよね~ #みんな持ってるよね.. more View all 119 comments 2 days ago • See Translation
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    Dog - marutaro O 1/4 31,336 likes marutaro Good morning! の みんなが、まるのお顔が 丸く見えてる理由がわかった気がする #名前のせい.. more 区
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    Flower - marutaro O 32,934 likes おはまる~! 今日もアチ marutaro Good morning! チだけどお水飲んで頑張るんだよ~ #まるが大きいんじゃないよ.. more View all 119 comments 6 days ago See Translation
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    Dog - marutaro O 28,175 likes marutaro It was really hot and humid today, wasn't it? *+ *今日は暑かったよね~ #暑さ対策バッチリしないとね more View all 83 comments July 16 · See Translation :
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    Dog - marutaro O 27,368 likes すまた覗いてる。 marutaro Good night! + #同じだよ #昨日と同じ. more : 区
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    Cloud - marutaro O 35,636 likes -綺麗なも marutaro It was a very beautiful sunset. + くもく雲見れた~ #まる地方はそろそろ梅雨明け.. more View all 110 comments July 15 · See Translation 144410
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    Dog - marutaro O 25,310 likes zZなんだか気のせいかもし marutaro Good night!+ んないけどさ #しっぽ太ったかな #たけのこの里的なフォルム #この角度のせいだな #ちゅうことはパパのスキルの問題か #もう少し練習してね #きのこの山派がざわつくかもな View all 89 comments 18 hours ago · See Translation 区
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    Dog - marutaro . 28,489 likes marutaro We have something to look forward to, don't we? の計楽しい事はきっと来るから楽しみにして待ってる んだよ.more View all 100 comments 22 hours ago • See Translation
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    Dog - marutaro O 24,760 likes zZ#しろたんってさ頭大きよ marutaro Good night!+ ね #褒めてるんだよ.. more View all 76 comments 3 days ago See Translation
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    Dog - marutaro O 46,533 likes marutaro Hello world!! 世界の皆さん、こん にちは~ #まるですよ.. more View all 357 comments 5 days ago See Translation

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