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Weekly Treat: Funniest And Overall Best Animal Tweets

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    Sky - Ant. @Pav_Dad "Does your dog bite" Nah, he just judges people

    Why bite when you can sit on your floofy butt and judge all day? This doggo has  some serious stank eye going on, we feel bad for whoever this doggo was judging at this moment. 

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    Font - Prashant @prashantgwari My dog is useless, yesterday we were both chased by another dog. 3:23 PM - Jul 23, 2021 - Twitter for Android 4,500 Retweets 665 Quote Tweets 20K Likes

    That moment when you got a dog with high hopes that he would become your 24/7 security system, only to have this happen. We're sure the doggo is at least cute, though! Maybe invest in a more elaborate security system.

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    Organism - Lou *= || work work work @lou_quorice a cat to heal your depression
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    Font - Shower Thoughts @TheWeirdWorld I'm more likely to say hi to a strange dog than a strange human. 4:17 AM Jul 24, 2021 · Buffer 1,014 Retweets 64 Quote Tweets 6,600 Likes
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    Nose - cats in random places ... @catsplacess little heart
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    Rectangle - Sophie Haigney @SophieHaigney My dad's two dogs expelled from dog daycare due to forming a "dog gang" 3:43 AM Jul 22, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 11.5K Retweets 1,266 Quote Tweets 160.9K Likes
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    Dog - Humor And Animals @humorandanimals this dog is sitting, standing and laying at the same time
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    Font - che ... @chengenengx i hope homeless people, stray dogs and cats are safe : ( 12:14 PM Jul 23, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 10K Retweets 303 Quote Tweets 24.6K Likes
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    Nose - Jess @BritishAOC The way this dog has been groomed is killing me
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    Nose - samanta'jk cool gf era @stillwithyoutan cats when they see or open a camera:
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    Font - Dr. Cole McKinnon @DrMcKinn If a service dog approaches you without its handler, don't shoo it away. A dog in a harness without its owner nearby is unusual. If a service dog nudges you with its nose or barks at you with no owner in sight, it's a clue that the dog is seeking help. Guide Dogs of American 5:34 PM Jul 21, 2021 - Twitter Web App 2,547 Retweets 76 Quote Tweets 6,941 Likes
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    Photograph - Eric Alper AO ... @ThatEricAlper Cheetahs are very shy animals. So some zoos give them support dogs like those for humans. Its the cutest thing ever.

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