I Can Has Cheezburger?

On The Highway To Caturday: Fresh Cat Memes

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    Cat - When a police officer came to my house to take a report, my cat made himself at home in his squad car. Meet Officer Skittles

    Why are we not surprised that this cat decided to full on take over this cop car? Of all animals, a cat would absolutely be the one to do it in this manner. If a dog got in there, it'd be sitting there all cute, waiting to be petted, while this cat looks just about ready to arrest the officer. 

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    Cat - 'll never forget when I took my cat to the vet and they took an ID photo H4

    They are part of the family too. That has to come with the obligatory 'bad picture on your ID card'. It is part of the deal, and the cat should have known about it. Of course, this cat looks better in this picture than basically all of the pictures we ever took in our lives, but that's beside the point. 

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    Glasses - Getting in bed ready to overthink like hey there demons, it's me, ya boy
  • 4
    Hairstyle - Waves of existential panic Me just trying to muddle through life with some semblance of enjoyment
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  • 5
    Organism - Me alone in my room thinking of a joke I said in 2012
  • 6
    Bicycle - Me on my way to my next existential crisis
  • 7
    Eye - *walking into work on Monday* Boss: hey how was your weeken- Me: The purple.sock
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    Cat - Me: Mom, Mr. Snowflake said he wants my soul Mom: Our cat? Don't be silly Mr. Snowflake:
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  • 10
    Organism - me: I hate country music *Country roads, take me home. To the place I belong* me: WEST VIRGINIAAA
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  • 11
    Brown - total eclipse of the cat echuck te
  • 12
    Cat - When u take a shit on the carpet and watch one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet clean it up @MasiPopal Pathetic.
  • 13
    Cat - When she says she's not hungry, but might try a little bit of your food
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  • 14
    Cat - He looks so innocent you'd think the vase broke on it's own
  • 15
    Cat - Unclelroh24 My cat snoozing on a sofa I crocheted for her
  • 16
    Textile - When your friend comes over unannounced so you have no time to clean Gmeme Please don't tell anyone I live like this
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  • 17
    Product - It's my goal to be this calm when things are falling apart
  • 18
    Brown - Me saying l'll do it later Future me Future me

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