Office Tattler Gets On Employee's Case Over Lunch Policy, Malicious Compliance Ensues

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    Font - Posted by u/kathjoy 1 day ago 13 11 S 14 10 Make up a BS lunchtime policy to appease the office drama queen? Sure, I'll follow it to the letter. oC L Many years ago I worked in back-office support in a large office with lots of departments. Generally speaking, we had core hours, especially for lunch. Core lunch hours were between 12-2, meaning you had to take your lunch sometime between 12-2.
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    Font - Different departments had different rules for lunch depending on their needs. For example, the call centre had a strict rota for when people could take their lunch since they needed constant phone cover. However, I was in back-office support. Things were a lot more relaxed because we rarely took phone calls. Most of our work came in the form of tickets and tasks logged through our system, and emails from other departments with general queries. The only requirement was that at least one ma
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    Font - So, generally, we could take our lunch anytime we wanted as long as it was between 12-2. There was no policy telling us when to take our lunch aside from the one I already mentioned. I would always take my lunch at 12:28. The reason was I actually wanted to take it at 12:30, but one of our call centres was the floor above us and they stampeded down the stairs at 12:30. I had been in an accident some years ago that gave me issues with my back and hips, so I could be a little unsteady on th
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    Font - Now, I always restarted work at exactly 1:28, sometimes a few minutes earlier. An hour was far too long for me so I was often back at my desk nursing a coffee while scrolling through my phone (which we were allowed to do as long as we were on break) by around 1pm as well. However, if a colleague came to me and asked for help, I always helped and just added the time I was helping them to my lunch. So if I spent 10 minutes helping a colleague, I'd come back at 1:38. All this would be logged
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    Font - Anyway, one of my colleagues had obviously noticed. Let's call her Mindy. Mindy considered herself the queen bee of the office. Everything had to be done her way, she was perfect, and she always tattled on people for petty stuff. Like that one of our colleagues used too many staples, or that colleagues were literally a few minutes late, or took too many pee breaks (she literally had a tally of how many drinks and pee breaks everyone took so she could tattle). She even once tried to tattle
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    Font - So she tattles to our manager about how I'm always leaving for lunch 2 minutes early and yet often come back late. My manager tears me a neW one for this. I explain to him that the times I come back late are when I've helped a colleague and he should see it logged on the sheet. I also explain why I leave at 12:28. He then says 'Yes, well, whether it's two minutes or not, we have core hours in this office'. I say, yeah, 12-2. I can take my lunch any time between 12-2. 12:28 is within those
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    Font - I say I've never heard of this policy, this has never been the case, but he brushes me off and says, "You take your lunch at 12:30, and come back at 1:30. You don't deal with any queries or anything that will delay you. Just take your lunch on time, and come back on time. No exceptions.' Okay, then. That's exactly what I'll do. No matter what I am doing, even if I'm in the middle of a task, I get up and go to lunch. Even if I am at my desk and a colleague comes to me, I tell them I am on
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    Font - She storms off to our manager to tattle on me. I get called into his office because she had lodged a complaint against me for 'bullying' her and being 'uncooperative'. Mindy is in the office, with my manager acting as a mediator. He asks why I refused to help her. She's grinning maliciously with her trademark 'You're going to get it' face. 'She spoke to me at 1:10. I had 20 minutes left of lunch. You said the policy is lunch 12:30-1:30, no exceptions." I said, smiling. Mindy looked like s
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    Font - Eventually, the manager ended up being promoted and moved to another department. Our new manager had no patience for Mindy's excessive tattling and at one point shouted at her 'This isn't primary school and I'm not your teacher, go back to your desk and focus on your own work instead of everyone else!" The new manager also rescinded the 'no exceptions' bs policy my manager had made on the spot and as long as we came back on time and didn't leave the department understaffed, she couldn't c
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    Font - capn_kwick - 1d Feel the burn, Mindy. 1 4.7k Reply Share Report Save imightbehitler 1d 2 Mindy is more upset because OP was posting this during lunch instead of helping her
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    Handwriting - spaceygracie12 · 1d We had a Mindy and she was finally reprimanded for wasting time keeping track of everyone instead of using the time to help get the work done.


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