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Heartfelt Tweets Of Cats Showing Affection To Their Humans

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    Cat - occasional_stan @OccasionalStan ... Replying to @won5ol One of my cats(the white one) almost always comes around when I'm crying. Idk how but he seems to know when I'm right about to, and he helps me. My other cat(the orange one) hates when people argue, and he sometimes meows really loud to distract people so they'll stop. 9:17 AM Jul 29, 2021 · Twitter for Android 86 Retweets 6 Quote Tweets 3,595 Likes

    Not only can cats be super affectionate towards their humans, they are also very attuned to their humans' feelings. They can feel our distress and anxiety the same way that dogs and other animals can. Yes, sometimes, they choose to ignore it because it's getting in the way of their nap time, but hey, that's understandable. Gotta get their cutie sleep.

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    Cat - ... YACOB (EL FEO) @Dev_YACOB Replying to @OccasionalStan and @won5ol My cat also does the meowing thing. He either rubs against me when I'm upset or if he feels a confrontation between me and someone else, He'll come to my side like he's joining forces with me

    We can imagine that this is one surefire way to stop about every argument that ever happens in this house. We cannot imagine continuing having an argument with someone when it is stressing out our little furball. So really, they are not just concerned for us, they also make our lives significantly calmer. 

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    Font - jenny 2 ... @KTM_stan Replying to @won5ol Cats feel things so intensely, including love for their families, but they show those feelings differently than dogs so they get labeled as aloof and emotionless 3:44 AM · Jul 29, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 242 Retweets 51 Quote Tweets 7,526 Likes
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    Font - squishsquash @squishenn ... Replying to @KTM_stan and @won5ol my cat likes to just sit next to people, and sometimes if you take this as a petting invitation he gets annoyed. He just likes to vibe with people and be next to them. He's a very sweet old man but also he's mean sometimes to our dogs bc he thinks chasing/smacking them is funny.. 4:38 AM Jul 29, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 78 Retweets 9 Quote Tweets 4,724 Likes
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    Cat - Vicky 101 @MinMinKings ... Replying to @won5ol One day, I fell and twisted my ankle (my house is very big and only my mother and I live there) and my cat went with my mother and began to meow for her to follow him and brought her to where I was lying, I love my cat too much
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    Cat - Kaiyuu BLOOD TYPE: COFFEE @Kaiyuu9 ... Replying to @won5ol My cat aggressively presses his head into your leg Just like a constant pressure, not a headbutt here and there, just apply head to leg and PRESS. He'll scoot as soon as you pet him or move. But that's how he comforts people. He's weird, but I love him still.
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    Cat - pato purific @laurelfermin Replying to @won5ol When I fell off a second story, Penny (& my mom)saw it all first hand. She was crying so loud when we left and came back from the hospital, slept with me every night and followed me around the house to make sure I was ok until I fully recovered. How can ppl say cats feel nothing?
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    Font - AnnMamaMia ... @AnnNeko3 Replying to @won5ol Dude, my cat legit brought me a piece of chicken (her favourite food) one day when i was sick coz she noticed i didn't eat for the whole day and look weak. 7:55 AM Jul 29, 2021 Twitter for Android 24 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 1,125 Likes
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    Font - Eli ... @Capri_Bee Replying to @won5ol My cat gets really concerned every time I start crying or raise my voice from being distraught. She chirps and lays down right next to my face so I can use petting her to ground myself a bit. 3:38 AM Jul 29, 2021 Twitter for iPhone
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    Cat - Cabinet | ia @_waigooo_ ... Replying to @won5ol Oh gosh please...my cat loves to lead us to her food and that's when he'll start eating. Every once in a while he often times glances at me to check if l'm still watching or if not, he'll eat less. He loves getting pet while eating, if you don't do all this he won't eat at all 9:13 AM - Jul 29, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Photograph - IndigoArtist @Kawaiindigo ... Replying to @won5ol My cat would literally just come up to me and meow because her meows are so cute. Everytime I cry, she'll just meow at me. Cats can understand our emotions and express theirs differently. But I love my baby CribLie 10:12 AM Jul 29, 2021 · Twitter for Android
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    Cat - fah! ... @fahntaa Replying to @won5ol my cat always makes me feed him two or three pebbles of his food before he eats it himself he liked how i got so excited and called him a good boy and he tried his hardest not to bite my fingers 11:14 AM Jul 29, 2021 Twitter for iPad
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    Font - Pelangocha @Pelangocha6 ... Replying to @won5ol My cat does not like being around any other people but me and my husband. I had a surgical procedure and my mom was there for my recovery. My cat begrudgingly sat on the bed with me the whole time even though my mom was there too. 5:06 AM Jul 29, 2021 Twitter for Android
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    Font - Aster The Bastard ... @AsterDnD Replying to @won5ol OH! MY CAT DOES SOMETHING SIMILAR! She leads me to her food bowl so I can pet her while she eats. When we first git her she wasn't eating and I made a really big deal out of getting her to eat for the first time! And ever since she's always wanted me to watch her eat! 5:22 AM Jul 29, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Cat - mol ... @yenasluvs Replying to @won5ol everyone in the comments saying something sweet that their cats do but my cat just chases my feet and bites them

    That's also love. Accept it.

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