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Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Showing Affection To Their Humans

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    Font - Mary Gillis I had just lost my 15 year old kitty to a sudden illness who I so dearly loved. I was in bed crying my heart out and our other cat who never once came on the bed, came up and snuggled against me purring up a storm. It was like she knew he was gone and wanted me to know it was going to be alright. ODS 18 Like · Reply · Message 1d

    We are almost entirely certain that grief is an emotion that cats can definitely sense. Not to mention that the loss of this cat must have hit her quite hard as well. It sounds to us like she wasn't just seeking to comfort you but to be comforted by you in turn. Your story is so heartwarming it's almost painful. We hope this kitty lives a long and happy life with you.

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    Font - Faith Rees When I shattered my elbow, had a cast from my wrist up to my shoulder. When I got home from the hospital our one kitty, that had barely let me pet her before, got in my lap and put her paws and head on my cast next to my elbow. She pretty much stayed by my side for 2 months during physical therapy and rehab. After that, she was much more lovey towards me, but no as much as those 2 months. She seemed to know I felt bad. OO 10 Like · Reply · Message 1d

    It really is amazing the way that they can sense our pain. We have felt it ourselves as well - our cats coming to us and offering comfort as best as they can when we need it most. We never expect to get it from them in this way which makes the impact of these moments that much stronger. Cats are incredible. 

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    Rectangle - Dan Happs My cat meows and walks around the house looking for me whenever I leave, he is always waiting by the door when I come home, and he always lays on me when we go to sleep. Just crawls up and goes to sleep on my side. Cats are the best. Like · Reply Message 1d
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    Rectangle - Cynthia Gaines I had hip replacement almost 5 years ago. At the time my kitty Glenn was my caretaker. He always slept on the foot of my bed, but when I got home from the hospital he slept at my back. I guess he thought I would fall out of bed, and sleeping at my back I wouldn't fall. Like · Reply · Message - 1d · Edited
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    Font - Lori Wallace My cat was the meanest S.O.B. on the earth for the first 3 years of his life cause I wouldn't let him out. He finally went through the window screen and I gave up. We live in a rural village. Now he loves on me and at night he sleeps by my pillow. He has to be touching me most nights and loves to snuggle. Like · Reply · Message 13h
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    Rectangle - Dorinda Mayhue Back in the 1980s we had 2 cats that did not like each other. We would come home to fur tufts on the floor from when they fought each other. I was laid off from my job one day & they knew I was really upset. For a few nights they slept with me, one on each side of my legs, but never argued with each other... Like · Reply Message 1d
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    Rectangle - Heather Weeks I got a high fever after my second COVID vaccine and one of my cats was very concerned. He woke me up by yanking on my lip with his teeth, prompting me to get up to take medicine. He curled up against me and licked my face when I laid back down. 0 1 Like Reply · Message · 22h
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    Font - Minna Ikäheimo Years ago we had cats, who were ratters very much appreciated those times. My little sister was in her teens and she had a pet mouse. One day the mouse was missing! We were frantically searching the room, and I was certain the mouse was a goner. In the room walked Sam, our big tomcat, came to my sister and dropped out of his mouth the missing mouse - alive and perfectly unharmed - and walked away cool as cucumber. I still wonder about it... Like · Reply Message · 16h
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    Cat - Candice Marie Chase Smith Any time I had a cold, my cat Chloe would wash my face with her rough tongue, like she was washing away the germs. She stayed in bed with me until I would get up, no matter how long I stayed in bed.
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    Cat - Mary Jane Garcia This is Betty. She watches over my daughter like a hawk. Whenever she thinks my daughter is "hurt"--my daughter will let out a shrill meowing sound--Betty comes rushing to check on HER kitten. I've never seen a cat more concerned for a human in all my life. She's unbelievably loyal and affectionate with my daughter.
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    Font - Laura Conrad Years ago I had a sweet and loving tuxedo cat. I was in misery with a kidney stone, and he stayed very close as I was trying to ride it out. I climbed into bed and curled up, hoping to sleep a little. He followed me, of course, and sat at my head by my pillow. I made eye contact with him, and he leaned down and simply pressed his cheek to mine for nearly a minute. It was so sweet, so tender and compassionate that it brought tears to my eyes. Then, he lay down right there, all
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    Cat - camped there with me. We were both glad when I was able to use our nice big bed again. Some people argue that animals don't have souls. I will forever tell them that I know differently. It's not possible to show that much compassion and concern without having a soul. Animals have beautiful, loving and pure souls because of the love and loyalty they demonstrate to us every day. If you are loved and cared for by an animal, consider yourself blessed and lucky. I do. Ju
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    Font - Top Fan Mandy Ewertz I got sick literally on the first day of 2020 (and didn't start feeling better until the whole world got sick! Seriously, fuck that whole year.). I was having severe abdominal pain, my stomach was always queasy, I had no desire to eat and if I did eat, it didn't stay down. I spent most of the time sleeping so I could ignore the pain. By March, after seeing no improvement for over two months and losing 23lbs, it finally broke me. I was hugging the toilet bowl and heavi

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