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Most Heartwarming Pet Stories: ICanHasCheezburger Users Edition

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    Font - Joe Adriance One time, we had a husky puppy over at my house that was about 9 weeks old. I have a pit bull and he was 2 years old at the time, my dog has elevated food dishes because it's easier for him to eat out of. The husky puppy tried with all her might to get to the food but wasn't able, so what does my dog do? He takes a mouthful of food and drops it on the floor and nudges it at the puppy. I could have died a complete man that day. Most adorable thing I've ever seen lol

    Okay guys, there is nothing cuter, more adorable, more heartwarming, more purely wholesome, then a doggo sharing his food with a puppy who's struggling. Animal friendships are pure wholesome goodness and we love a heartwarming doggo friend story.

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    Font - Jennifer Black I worked in a vet clinic. A new client, a retired man, brought in his cat because she seemed to not be feeling well. He explained that she was his first cat, so he was unsure about "normal" health versus illness. When I asked how he had gotten her, he said he used to have a little dog, and after it died of old age he couldn't bear the thought of replacing him. As time went on, he thought about getting a cat for company. So one day he walked into the local animal shelter and

    We say this all the time, but it doesn't matter what an animal looks like or how old it is, it's its capacity for love and affection that makes an animal an animal. We hope this sweet grandpa and cat duo spend many happy lovely days together.

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    Cat - Lori Ann Curley One Wisconsin winter evening, my husband Brian turned on an electric space heater at his feet under his desk. After a few minutes, he noticed his feet were not warming up. He looked under the desk and saw Lunch (yes, as in breakfast, lunch, and dinner; she's now at the Rainbow Bridge) laying in front of the heater. The look on her face said, "Thank you for the warm, Daddy." Brian tucked his feet under Lunch, who purred.
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    Organism - Lucy Angel Eames I had a special needs rat who had hydrocephalus (Little Chase). After a ton of research & vet visits it was estimated that he wouldnt see past 6 months of age. I gave my heart & soul to the little guy, doing everything I could to help him (medications, vet visits, special food, help bathing him) and he lived to almost 2 yrs of age. He went from walking in circles & falling over to running about like a tiny maniac, he tried hard to hold his food but could never quite g
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    Font - Cat McClaughry was sound asleep at 2:30am.my Mastiff started barking (he NEVER barks) wouldn't stop till I came down the hall into the living room. He stood between me and the back door growling then took off out the doggy door in the back door and ran off a 600lb black bear that had been in the back yard.this is the same dog who woke me up whining cause the 12lb cat wouldn't let him in the doggy door!
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    Font - Tiffany Butrum My family used to have five Jack Russell Terriers. Nuala, my sister's dog, and her four kids, Bilbo, Gadget, Zamies, and Big Girl. My dog Bilbo wasn't very fond of his mom, Nuala. They never interacted very much. When Nuala was 15 (and the kids were 12) she had a bad stroke. She went blind and for a week or two she could only walk in circles to the right. My baby boy Bilbo, who really was the most compassionate dog I've ever known, became her carer. He walked with her most
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    Font - Patricia Heidman I adopted a feral kitten from a farm (Pooshie) and took her straight to the Vet. On examination they found that she was severely infested with fleas. They said that they normally don't flea bath a kitten so young but that she might die without it, she was so sick. When they brought her to me in a towel, she opened her arms out to me and cried loudly until I held her in my arms. I think she already thought of me as her Mommy. We cuddled all the way home. She lived 18 preci
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    Font - Kenny Newton My cat was found by my aunt as a kitten, left for dead in a trash bag on a river bank. Three years later he loves every human and animal he sees. Plus he's always waiting by the door when I come home
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    Jaw - Heather Katz Fayed When I rescued our girl from the shelter, this is how she rode the entire hour drive home.
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    Font - Ashley Craft My dad was a diabetic and had a shih tzu named Winston. Well one night my dad started having a sugar attack in his sleep and Winston kept nudging and barking to wake him up. He was never trained for that type of thing so it was pretty cool that he knew
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    Cat - Laurie Foster When my son or I are sad or not feeling well, my Bob will bring one of his toys and come lay next to us
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    Font - KC N Leigh Fahel My husband & I used to rescue cats with a friend. One day the friend called; she had rescued 3 kittens & wanted us to see them so we could help place them. We helped name them: Cassie, Moose, and Tina. She kept them in her bathroom so HER cats wouldn't bother them. I went in to see them every time we went over; Tina would romp & play & climb onto my lap. One day the friend called me: "You HAVE to take Tina." I asked why, and she said, "Tina won't eat; she won't play; she
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    Font - John Nettle When we first moved to our neighborhood we were walking the 2 small dogs around the block when we met a medium sized bald dog that was very friendly. I will pet any dog that comes to me even if they don't look great, so I did. The dog continued to follow us until we went home. My wife took a dog bone out to it and told it to go home and we thought it was over. Next thing we know the dog got into our fenced yard, came through our dog doors and laid down near the dog water bowl.
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    Font - Shona Redmayne I had a 16 year old cat went missing while I was on holiday, distressing my pet sitter. I assumed the worst. On the day I returned, I drove into my road end (half a mile from my house), and she was waiting for me! How did she know I was coming home?? I was so relieved to see her.
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    Font - Lara Dent Kazi (short for Kamikaze) was my cat in high school, and stayed with my parents after I left for college. She was always a very standoffish cat--you petted her when she wanted to be petted, or you got hissed at. One weekend, I had to come home after the sudden death of a friend. I was sitting waiting for a ride to their service and crying. She came up to me, and for fifteen minutes was the sweetest, cutest, most charming cat alive. She headbutted me, she purred, she stuck her he
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    Font - Ewart Kettle When I was 11 I had a kitten called Dinky, we had moved into my grandfathers house to look after him and over the course of a couple months Dinky and grandad became very close it was really sweet, one night in the early hours Dinky woke me up by prodding and meowing and I heard my dad's call to the emergency services to say grandad had passed away.l went straight back to sleep and the next morning very calmly went downstairs to be told the news and I wasn't sad or upset becau
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    Dog - Laura Gandy My sister, a vet tech, fostered for her local shelter. One Saturday, she called me, begging us to come to the shelter to adopt a little dog. We hesitated- we had three, but she persisted. Never able to resist pleading from younger sis, we drove two hours to the shelter, and saw the dog. She was a ten year old chihuahua, abandoned by people who were moving, and could take an eighty pound rottie, but not a six pound chihuahua that was blind in one eye, had a heart murmur, and was

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Kalila is a city girl at heart but also appreciates a nature-heavy camping getaway. She is an avid anime watcher, cat lover, student of life, and writer. She is passionate about animals (duh!) and enjoys a good novel. Her dream is to live in a tiny house overlooking the grand canyon with her partner, two cats, and an endless supply of chai tea.

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About the Author

Kalila is a city girl at heart but also appreciates a nature-heavy camping getaway. She is an avid anime watcher, cat lover, student of life, and writer. She is passionate about animals (duh!) and enjoys a good novel. Her dream is to live in a tiny house overlooking the grand canyon with her partner, two cats, and an endless supply of chai tea.