I Can Has Cheezburger?

Funniest And Silliest Pet Moments: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

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    Brown - Mariel Stgo Meet this amazing one eyed mother cat. Breastfeeds its babies. Bathes its babies. Screams like a damn opera singer when the said babies are out of its sight. What so funny about this motherhood ensemble? My damn cat is male and has no He is neither the mom or dad of this babies. Those babies are his sisters babies!!! ODD 75 Like · Reply Message 2d

    Hey, it is the attempt that counts, and that is all that matters. Clearly, this is a case of mild confusion, but it is obviously the result of the best intentions. So what if it is a little weird? Are we not all a little weird sometimes? All that matters is that this adorable ginger cat is happy and that these itty bitty black holes of joy are happy too. 

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    Recipe - Deborah Wolter My cat Milo. He loves the stovetop O 32

    So long as this ridiculous child does not attempt to climb onto the stove while it is on, we think this is insanely adorable. Obviously, this kitty just found a nice new scratcher. And really, who needs food anyway? A new scratcher kitty wants, a new scratcher kitty will get. End of story. 

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    Furniture - Peggy Coppersmith Tabar Kitty Sunny who loved my printer. The whirring sound fascinated her. 13 Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Vertebrate - Ada Hickman The couch was eating my dog Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Dog - Kim Penwell She was licking her chops the whole time I was eating... She even drooled a little. 4
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    Organism - Laura Toler Miske Attacked by a toddler with goldfish. For a grumpy cat, Monkey was quite patient with this. 6. Like · Reply Message · 2d
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    Product - Marianne Barr-Ellingsen ... Upward cat yoga pose 43 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Cat - Renee Elizabeth Loki, laying belly up on my lap. అ 1 Like · Reply Message 2d Edited
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    Automotive tire - Beth Herren Our angel pitbull, Payton. Donut-head. She would bounce around and wait for us to laugh (she was SO comical), and then she'd shake that donut & howl! She was an awesome furkid, and she is sorely missed. Like · Reply Message 2d ECO
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    Dog - Anita L. Russell Ever heard something so stupid that it made your dog squint? 11 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Cat - Jennifer Tasso Billy getting a bath from sister Tami 31 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Vertebrate - Laura Walthall Not a pet. A baby groundhog at my sunroom door. It was all I could do to stop myself from letting it come inside. 31 Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Dog - Renee Routhier Corker I call this.."Dog pile on Grandma". ODD 14 Like · Reply Message · 2d
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    Cat - Theresa Neuberger My Pumpkin mid yawn 29 Like · Reply Message 2d Edited
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    Cat - Elena Hahn My cat was giving me a dirty look for interrupting his bath time. 4 Like Reply Message 2d
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    Product - Marty Grenhart Our sweet Hannah found herself a bag of pine nuts in the pantry! I ate a pound of pine nuts out of the pantry. I pooped pine nuts for three days. D 13 Like · Reply Message · 2d
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    Output device - Caitlin Elizabeth "Explain this,now." Oracle discovered the rescues in my bathroom. It's extra funny because they are her litter matesa she was rescued almost 3 months ago, and we just managed to get the others. LACO Like · Reply Message 2d Edited
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    Dog - Samm Black Not the funniest but he's just a funny dog. Loves mud, can smell it miles away OD 25 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Dog - Rhonda Overturf Viktora My Sunny Boy used to open my dresser drawers and pull garments out of them. I came home from work one day to discover him stuck in a pair of my undies! 23 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Vertebrate - Lori Bailey Of all the soft comfy places to choose from this is where he sleeps. VA Like · Reply Message · 2d LO

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