I Can Has Cheezburger?

Building Trust With Anxious Doggos: Ins Outs Tips And Support

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    Rectangle - Posted by u/PrincessofPatriarchy 21 days ago 43 3 6 3 My dog made me so worried and so happy in ten seconds flat [Fluff]

    The emotional rollercoaster that is parenthood, folks. It be like that sometimes, overwhelming happiness can get mixed with sadness and vice versa. It's a journey, and growth ain't linear ladies and gents.

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    Font - My dog used to be a stray. Today he couldn't finish his entire bone. When he has to take a break from a treat he gets really upset and starts pacing anxiously to find a place to hide it. I heard him whining and pacing and got so worried for him. He couldn't find where to take his bone and was getting stressed. He tried stuffing it in the couch cushion which is a no-no so I grabbed a towel and brought it over but he was too busy anxiously trying to nuzzle his bone into the cushion he ignor

    He couldn't finish his bone! Must hide bone immediately. Note how OP describes making eye contact with her doggo and making sure he saw and understood her every move as she attempts to help him with his bone debacle.

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    Font - He looked at me and gave me the biggest grin and wagged his tail! He was so happy I helped him find a safe place for his treat. He nuzzled it to make sure it was perfect and then gleefully trotted off. Later I had to move the towel so I could vacuum off the couch. I didn't want to betray his trust, so I moved the towel onto the coffee table and called him over to see it. When he realized I had the towel he immediately got up and rushed over to check on his bone. I pointed to where it was

    It's a win for this dog mom! Trust the process, live the process. It's okay to celebrate small victories and still recognize there is more work to be done!! We applaud this doggo owner, nicely done.

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    Font - DedFluff · 21d You are doing a great job there! I hope I can win the trust of my future dog as well as you did.
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    Font - gluteactivation 21d This is awesome! Definitely take baby steps. But looks like you're doing the right thing. My dog was terrified that I would take her bones away, she would hide under the bed and growl at me. One time she even tried to bite me. Eventually I just stopped buying her bones. But I knew that wouldn't fix the problem. So I bought her bones, she run under the bed, I would lay near the end of the bed on the floor staring at her telling her what a good girl she is while throwing
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    Rectangle - BloodintothewildRed - 20d Lots of dogs hide their treats and toys. My old jack Russell (adopted from puppy - never stray) used to bury his bones and if he saw somebody watching, he would dig it up and move it e. Your pup sounds like a very good boy. Thing about strays is that they're so clever. They had to be to survive. He probably picked up on and appreciated your communication. It sounds like he trusts you e
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    Water - Stargazer_0101 · 21d He was a stray and still has the street habits in his new home. You have to work with him to find a great place for him to hide his bones. Like maybe behind the couch where he can reach it, or under a table/ Anywhere that can make him feel safe to leave the bone. he is feeling safer with you but habits will take time to overcome. Just keep working on it and eventually he will not feel the need to hide his bone. Good luck to you both.
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    Font - сурео 21d I love this! It seems like he really trusts you! Maybe you could try getting him a few snuffle mats with folds large enough to hide a bone. That way he has a few spots her can hide his bones without "having" to resort to the couch.
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    Font - AmettOmega · 21d This hits me right in the feels. Hopefully, one day, he'll feel comfortable enough to not hide his stuff. But until then, it's wonderful he'll let you help :)
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    Human body - GreysonsNani - 21d My pit bull hides his bones in the couch cushions, but my chihuahua/terrier mix just leaves his wherever. He doesn't even care if it's laying on the floor or my bed or whatever until he wants it again and then he's running around like a little weirdo searching for it. I'm like dude if you'd just hide it like your big brother, you'd know right where to find it! Lol dogs are funny, but they're the best.
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    Human body - junedah - 21d Our chihuahua terrier mix brings his snacks to me for safekeeping when he cant finish them because he's noticed I usually know where his stuff is in our somewhat cluttered space. You've shown him he can trust you to keep his stuff safe for him! Big breakthrough if you ask me
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    Plant - PiratePepe666 · 21d I don't think you should be sad. This is normal dog behaviour. Dogs that I've owned from puppies would do this. What a lovely moment the two of you had together :) 71 Reply Give Award Share Report Save

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