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Discussion: Doggos With Strangely Adorable Eating Habits

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    Font - Posted by u/WokeupFromsleep 12 hours ago 2 S 2 A 2 My Dog's too polite [Fluff] My Baron is too polite. Sometimes he'll wake up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack. As his bowl is at the foot of our bed I'll, being a very light sleeper, wake up to hear his tiny steps walking to his bowl. From there he'll walk to my side of the bed peek to see if he's woken me up, then walk to my wife's side of the bed and peek to see if he's woken her up... then.. he'll take the absolute slowes

    Oh, Baron! After hearing about Baron's strangely adorable late night snack habits, we are convinced we need to meet this super polite doggo. It's the little things that show us how much our doggos love us!

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    Handwriting - EndoShota - 12h My dog free feeds, and she when she feels like eating she takes periodic pauses to look at me and get validation that it's cool to keep eating before she resumes. She'll do this 2-3 times per eating session. I have no idea why she does it, but it's cute.

    We wonder how effective the free feeding method is, and how will it works for various breeds of dogs. Seems like it's going well for this Reddit user, though, and we are so supportive.

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    Font - livlivesforbrains · 10h Mine does the same thing at times! She also will take mouthfuls that are too big and then literally spit it out on the floor and eat it from there. Like an asshole. 96 Reply Give Award Share Report Save reluctantly_me · 8h Mine would get a mouthful from her bowl in the kitchen, carry it into the living room and drop it on the carpet to eat it. 28 Reply Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - livlivesforbrains· 8h She did it way more when her food was in the kitchen and my boyfriend and I were hanging out in the living room. She'd do the exact same thing that you're describing. I think that was at least partially because she likes to be with us literally all the time so I guess to her it was a logical move? Whatever, I love that goddamn weirdo to pieces. Reply Give Award Share Report Save reluctantly_me · 7h I moved her bowl and she kept taking it out so I gave up. I loved my
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    Human body - althea67 · 22m The dog I had many years ago would start off taking a single piece of food through the kitchen over to the living room carpet, drop it, eat it, then go back and eat all the rest out of the bowl. Guess it was her test piece.
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    Font - EndoShota · 10h She also will take mouthfuls that are too big and then literally spit it out on the floor and eat it from there. Like an asshole. I'm so glad mine doesn't do that. She's a very delicate eater. Such a big difference from my prior dog who used to just inhale all her food as fast as possible. 22 Reply Give Award Share Report Save livlivesforbrains · 8h She grazes throughout the day a lot of the time as opposed to eating it all in one shot, she just is weird about it, seemingl
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    Human body - likestosleep · 10h Omg yes! My dog will wait for me to sit down with my dinner before she'll start eating. The other night she laid by her bowl whining because she was hungry but wouldn't eat until my dinner time. We don't deserve these Fluffy love balls.
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    Font - Fickle-Duck5873 · 9h That's so cute. Then there's the opposite of that, my rude ass dog who comes and howls at me at 6am so she can get breakfast 28 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Chessikins · 7h Same. Mine will check if I'm awake, if I'm not awake he will make sure I am after he's done.
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    Font - new2bay · 3h Mine is also way too polite. I actually wish she'd be a little more assertive in the morning! I am not a light sleeper by any means. Unfortunately, she will not wake me up, under any circumstances short of someone knocking on the door or entering the apartment without her knowledge. Sometimes, I tend to sleep a little late, and then I end up feeling guilty beause she wakes up at like 6:30 AM, ready for breakfast (though I never feed her before 7:30). In an effort to try and e
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    Font - birdynj · 2h I free feed my 9 month standard poodle. Currently I put in 2 cups of his kibble at a time. When the bowl is empty I fill it again. I do 2 cups at a time to keep the kibble "fresher" and it helps me keep track of how much he's eating. When he was very young (and thus in his playpen at night without access to his food bowl), he would eat lots of little bites through out the day. Once he was completely free roam, his eating habits changed and now he usually doesn't eat anything
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    Font - apple_6 · 8h My dog tries her absolute hardest to only eat after my wife and I are both home and have eaten recently. This causes her to usually eat her breakfast at 7:30pm and then we give her dinner which she eats around midnight. Does she think she needs to keep it as an offering for us? Comfort thing? I feel bad she doesn't eat all day when its obvious she's been hungry but I can't make her eat.
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    Font - ljubaay · 7h I used to not let my dog on furniture and slowly started giving in. She was only allowed in my bed if I tell her to come up. She's not a very vocal dog, thankfully. But when she was maybe 2 years old she had this phase where she REALLY wanted to come up on the bed in the middle of the night and sleep there. And instead of just jumping up, she would wake me up in the middle of the night to ask if she can get on the bed by like putting her chin on the bed and looking all sad O.

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