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Funny Or Odd Things Strangers Say Because Of Your Dog: Reddit Users Discussion

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    Font - Posted by u/Mizzy3030 16 hours ago Funny or odd things strangers have said to you because of your dog [Discussion] I don't know if it's because I live in an urban area and there are always A LOT of people around, but I swear people have said/asked the weirdest things when I'm walking my dog. Today, the super from the building across the street was interrogating me on my dog's reproductive history (she is spayed) and then told me it was really a shame we never let her have puppies, because

    Why does a stranger need to know about a doggo's reproductive history? How is this information in any way relevant to their life? And WHY are there so many flipping weirdos out there!!!

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    Font - assplower · 13h · edited 13h "You know it's REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE to be bringing WOLVES in the city. Shame on you." Ma'am that's a husky. Also once was waiting in line with my doberman and the toddler girl behind us suddenly stuck her finger in his bum. He shot up and I'm pretty sure I saw his soul leaving his body.

    There are really people out there who don't know the difference between a husky and a wolf and we feel sorry for them. It must be really tough to go through life that way. Oh well, not our problem, just going to take our doggos and be on our way!

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    Font - LordessCass · 15h Kino: Kelpie Mix, Juri: GSD Mix The strangest interaction I had recently was when a neighbor asked me if I was going to cut my GSD mix's ears to make them stand up (she looks purebred except for her airplane ears). It was hard to think of a polite response given I'm extremely opposed to ear cropping, she was 10 months old, and you don't crop GSD ears at all.
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    Font - TheFutureIsBeautiful · 13h My little shelter pup, Teddy, has an ear splitting Yelp/bark he does when he's excited. I realize it's surprising and sometimes not the most welcome sound. I've had a number of comments from strangers some nice, some not so nice. Anyway, I once had a disapproving woman say, "How did he end up with that bark?" Ummm. He practiced and practiced until he got it just right? I spent hours training him? All I could respond with is that he had it from the very first pup
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    Font - | 1throwawayor4 - 15h My dog has sensitive paws so she has to walk with booties on year round. We get a lot of laughs, eye rolls, kids loudly telling their parents “look that dog has shoes!!" The best one was a little girl pointing it out to her mom and asking why. Her mom said "you wear shoes to protect your feet right? Well she put shoes on her dog to protect the dogs feet". Which the kid completely understand better than most adults. The most common question is "what breed is she? She'
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    Font - RegularTeacher2 15h Millie: APBT/Heinz57 mix, Elvis: Am. Foxhound I've had many, many people see me walking Elvis and comment on what a beautiful beagle he is. I know the foxhound isn't a super popular dog but it still makes me chuckle just because beagles are so much smaller! I usually just respond with "He's a foxhound but they basically look like really tall beagles!" Also one time I was walking downtown with my late dog (golden retriever) and a guy stopped me in the street and kept te
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    Sky - mcac - 13h "hey why your dog walk like a thug? He walk like he thinks he's Tupac or something" he's a giant fluffy great pyrenees mix, I thought it was hilarious
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    Font - Demi_Monde_ · 14h My first dog, Dante, was a border collie/aussie mix. He went everywhere with us, work, coffee shop, cafes. One time my boyfriend and I were driving along and Dante had his head out the window. A car full of teenaged girls pulls up next to us at a stoplight. One exclaims, "IT'S DANTE!" All the girls start cooing and whistling and catcalling my dog. "HI DANTE!" "GOOD BOY DANTE!" "SO HANDSOME!" He was grinning like the super star he was. Married that boyfriend and we still
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    Handwriting - barefootintheforest · 10h when my best friends daughter was 1.5 she was laying on my dog & her mom looks over & all I hear is "Don't be using his balls at a stress ball." my poor dog was getting his balls squeezed by her & he just licked her hand until she stopped lol.
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    Font - philomelos_song 1h I've actually had some guy say "Cute dog, can I pet the owner?" and I was just about to say thank you (for complimenting the dog) before I got what he said and I was so taken aback I just stared at him trying to come up with something to say and then just mumbled "no" and walked away. I wasn't upset I was just . confused. Wonder what he'd done if I said yes? Give me a pat on the head? Also had a little girl say about my mini schnauzer (they have a beard): "0ooh, look mu
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    Font - Vieamort · 4h Soo0o I've had my dog for about 3 weeks at this point and we're walking along the sidewalk at night. I work nights so I was about to go to work. This guys pulls up in his truck, gets out, and is completely wasted. We exchange a few words and then he keeps trying to get my dog to come to him saying, "Come here. I won't hurt you. I just want to love you!" He then proceeds to ask if he can give my dog a weiner (hotdog). I tell him that he probably shouldn't bc Idk how sensitive
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    Font - croix_v · 7h "He can't be a poodle! His face isn't shaved!" Ma'am, the shaved part isn't genetic. That's a hairstyle. Just because he doesn't have it doesn't mean he's not a poodle! "I see he still has his balls, good for you." "He's not neutered! I have a female and they'd make great litters." 1. please stop staring at my dogs groin, 2) he's getting neutered this year +3) no, I do not want to breed him. If I did, it would not be with a stranger's dog and with no knowledge of breeding. "H

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