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Twitter Thread: Twilight Characters As Dogs

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    Dog - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn twilight characters as dogs - a thread: 9:18 PM - Sep 4, 2021 - Twitter Web App

    We cannot get over the striking similarity in facial expressions going on here. Edward is rocking the shocked and mildly disgusted look, while his doggo counterpart is just completely twinning with him. Purrrfect!

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    Dog - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn · 17h ... they protec but they also attac
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    Hand - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn ... Replying to @twilightreborn *back snaps like a glowstick*

    Some people say that during pregnancy woman are have super human attributes because they are total super women! Perhaps being super bendy and flexible like the doggo counterpart is one of them? Or perhaps Bella is just ready to get that baby out pronto.

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    Dog - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn ... Replying to @twilightreborn carlisle at some hospital in 1918
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    Product - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn · 17h ... Replying to @twilightreborn how you doin'?
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    Photograph - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn ... Replying to @twilightreborn resume growing TAM 2
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    Dog - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn ... Replying to @twilightreborn grrr
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    Dog - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn - 17h "swan residence. he's not here right now. he's arranging a funeral."
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    Automotive parking light - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn ... Replying to @twilightreborn certified jeep boys
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    Nose - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn ... Replying to @twilightreborn what is that? moderna? pfizer? no, it's my venom!
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    Nose - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn · 17h two pretty best friends
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    Food - twilight renaissance @twilightreborn Replying to @twilightreborn i'm begging, begging youuuu "Please"

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