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Twitter Thread: Giving Love To All The Forgotten Rescued Street Cats

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    Cat - A Cat Named Bitches @BitchestheCat We're gonna do a thread of cats that were rescued from the streets or the woods or wherever. Let's throw a spotlight on the cats the world tried to forget before you found and took them home. We'll start with @sportpeppercat. Found at 5-weeks- old under a car at a hot dog stand.

    Maybe their stories are not the most unique in the world, but they sure are unique kittens, and every single one of their owners who has given them these warm forever homes to live in is worth of celebration. So, seeing so many people add to this thread and celebrate was really one of the best, most heartwarming things. 

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    Cat - The WatchCat 91 @The_Watchcat Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Toblerone was just about three weeks old when someone discovered him in a dumpster. Someone had thrown him into a dumpster...he was taken to a preemie rescue who happens to be a friend of mine. She saved and strengthened him and from there he came to me. He is much loved.

    We could not even imagine doing something like that to an animal. Not only getting rid of it but tossing it away like trash. Thank goodness your friend found him instead of giving up on him, and thank you so much for giving it the place it needs to be loved and taken care of. Thank you to all of you guys!

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    Cat - * Mary Jeurissen @MaryJeurissen Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Licorice - found skinny and malnourished with two kittens in a gutter. Rescued and brought to Petsmart where she waved at us when we went in.
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    Eye - ... tigerlily @fireflyten Replying to @MaryJeurissen @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Beautiful cat! This is Clara, she screeched at us at Petco so naturally we had to take her home with us. Cur
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    Photograph - Boudicca Mic XCE @twistedmic24 Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Lily was part of a feral litter. Her mother & 3 sibs were killed by a car. We adopted Lily from the woman who rescued the 3 surviving kittens. No shelter would accept black cats.
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    Cat - Kristin Sanchez-Himmelblau ... @Ksanz16 Replying to @twistedmic24 @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat We got our black cat at the shelter bc too many ppl are superstitious and he got returned. Appropriately he is named Lucifer and he is the best.
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    Cat - Rini Cat Lover ... @blackkatl Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat This in Mimo. Found him at a park. Saw him and exclaimed "Look a Kitty!" And he came right up to me so I could pick him up. Fell in love on the spot. He's our first kitty fur child... 1 of 6
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    Cat - Barbara VanDenburgh ... @BabsVan Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat My buddy Link shortly before he crossed the rainbow bridge after living a pampered life. Found this majestic floof on the hard streets of west Phoenix. Came out of the bushes and when I knelt to pet him, scrawny and matted, he hopped in my lap. Marked me for a sucker straight off
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    Cat - Geoffrey Abreu @geoffreyabreu Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat This is Panda. He is one in a colony of feral cats that live in my fiancee's neighborhood. After 9 months he is letting me pet him and eats treats from my hand. He is starting to take a few timid steps inside. Hopefully I can eventually rescue him.
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    Cat - Crapsicles! and (Anti-Chryslers) ... @KariMcNinch Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Biscuit (grey and white). Feral kitten trapped with family at a steel fabrication plant. TNR of adults but she needed extra veterinary help and became a family member. Bobbie (orange tabby) rescued with kittens. 2 kittens had died. She was frantically trying to find a safe
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    Cat - BajaBlastWife @444MarkoftheBun ... Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat All four are rescues, but two came from the shelter, while the other two... One came from a manufacturing plant, and the other jumped out of a tree and meowed at our friends at 2am until they took him and we eventually gave him a forever home.
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    Cat - Miss Kate.. ... @FlyMeKate Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Mum dropped these babies off, eyes still closed.
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    Cat - Rain Hayes @RainHayesPhoto ... Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat My sweet Seymour came off the cold, hard streets of East Oakland. He'd come running when he heard my car pull in the drive and jump right in. These days he oversees his staff (me) in a golden palace, eating shrimps in bed while I rub his shoulders. Well played, street cat.
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    Cat - Rain Hayes @RainHayesPhoto ... Replying to @RainHayesPhoto @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Fiona, 1998-2009, was adopted from the Milo Foundation by someone who hadn't really thought it through. Within 24 hours this kitty became my new sidekick. She was fussy but loyal, and I loved her.
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    Tire - Tim is Vaxxed and Masked ... @TimothyPSmith7 Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Dottie had a home before ours. Not sure how she ended up on the streets but she's happy to live inside with us now.
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    Cat - Niniane @Ninianek Replying to @BitchestheCat and @sportpeppercat Bitty was my quarantine project. He showed up last July, hungry and skittish. I would lay down near the food dish and talk to him. It took till October that I could touch him. now he is a very silly boy that loves head scritches.

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