I Can Has Cheezburger?

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

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    "From terrified and feral, to snuggly and happy. My sweet little Jacqueline"

    Awww. It's a teeny tiny wittle kitteh. Started from the bottom…

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    Now we here! Look at that overwhelming comfort and coziness embodied in one single image. Jacqueline, we want to be napping with you right now, but no, we have to work and do adult stuff. ~Eyes Roll~

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    Jacqueline sports fancy sweaters and is prepared for all weather. 

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    "Just another transformation of my favorite boy ??"

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    Cat - 洲 排批

    "Charleston used to belong to a hoarder. No one wanted him because he 'looked mean' but now he's a dapper man"

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    Dog - me

    "Gotcha day 11/9/19 and few a weeks ago. Poor guy had a very nasty bite wound hiding the funk on his head."

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    "From stray to foster fail...Wednesday is looking much better since her intake photo."

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    Dog - Hre DVD-R

    "Shortly after I rescued him, Charlie hit a growth spurt and one of his ears went, well, wonky. Pics are Wonky and Post-Wonky."

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    "Adopted Buddy straight from the track 3 years ago. He's a little chunkier but a whole lot happier."

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    "My rescue dog from Armenia before and after adoption"

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    Cat - P PhotoGrid

    "Mali the day of adoption vs Mali 1 year later!"

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