I Can Has Cheezburger?

Family-Themed Animal Memes That Hit Close To Home

  • 1

    Sister home v public

    Dog - My sister at home vs my sister in public ifunny.co

    When it comes to siblings (even of the dog type) two-faced has a whole new definition. One minute you are joking around thinking things are all rainbows and butterflies, and the next you have pissed them off to another dimension.

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  • 2

    Hurting sibling

    Plant - When your big brother accidentally hurt you a lil bit and you're gonna tell mom. u good? no
  • 3

    Dad didn't want the dog

    Hand - Dad: *doesn't want dog* Family: *gets dog anyway* Dad and the dog:

    It's a tale as old as darn time. Dad says he doesn't want the dog, and five minutes later they are the best of friends. Like to the point that you basically don't matter anymore. First born son means nothing anymore.

  • 4

    Little cousin

    Cat - Me: using my phone during a family gathering. Little cousin: u got games
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  • 5

    That one family member

    Cat - there's always one who ruins the family photo cata
  • 6

    Being Social

    Cat - Me I'm so lonely Family: Why don't you try being more social? Me
  • 7

    Don't embarrass me mom!

    Product - kid: please don't embarrass me. parent: @alyceoneword
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  • 8

    Mom walking w/ a grab

    Vertebrate - When ya mom look calm in public but she got that secret grip on your arm
  • 9

    No time alone

    Furniture - Wife wanted 5 minutes alone... This whas outside her door.
  • 10

    Favorite child vibes

    Dog - when you argue with your sibling and your parent chooses your side #siblingsaturday #katrinamhm
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  • 11

    Little cousins nintendo

    Bird - When you're going through your sibling's things & you hear them coming up the stairs
  • 12

    The piece de resistance

    Cat - ACE Me at a family gathering My cousins who found out I have a Nintendo Switch RED
  • 13

    play it cool

    Dog - When ur at a family function and you gotta play it cool but in reality you actually wanna fight everybody

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