I Can Has Cheezburger?

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#153)

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    "Russian woman befriends bear that she rescued from a safari park, now they go fishing together. They have a strong bond and are almost inseparable."


    Seeing friendships between animals and humans is always one of our absolute favorite things. We love how it's not just your predictable cat/dog and human friendships. A bear can apparently befriend you too if the situation is right. We love this. So much. And we hope they stay friends for a long time. 

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    "My golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome."


    And you must accept the rug - each and every time. You simply must. We wish we knew what is going on in this pupper's head when it does this. When a cat brings you a dead bug or mouse, at least you know why. But a welcome rug? That's a mystery we wish we had anj explanation for. 

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    "Phantom of the opera"

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    "I work at a local animal shelter. Iris wouldn't let me put her back down during the entirety of my shift."

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    "This is Beowulf. Turns out Beowulf is actually a girl and now needs a new name. Any ideas?"

  • 6

    "I mean... look at him!"

  • 7

    "Good morning."

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  • 8

    "Born 15 minutes before the photo was taken"

    Vertebrate - n04
  • 9

    "My wife just sent me this picture of our daughter and cat. I'm crying at work!"

  • 10

    "Me at Olive Garden"

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  • 11

    "Baby bunny who slipped into my garage while the door was open. Gently removed and placed back in shrubs with siblings."

  • 12

    "So this is Albert..."

    Dog - tera
  • 13

    "Gentle giant"

    Dog - NOLY
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  • 14

    "Look at this perfect baby"

  • 15

    "I haven’t swept the house in a very long time.. found this huge dust bunny under the couch"

  • 16

    "If heaven exists then this what u see at its gates"

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  • 17

    "My leg is getting numb"

  • 18

    "This feeling"

  • 19

    "Hello I know I'm different but my beautiful heart and soul is full of love and happiness for you"

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  • 20

    "She's his mews"


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