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Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (23 Images)

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    "Update: turns out my neighbor is very allergic s to her kitten and couldn’t keep her so anyways I have a new kitten Rudy!"

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    "Adopted a kitten from the local shelter..."


    "Adopted a kitten from the local shelter. My first cat ever. The next day she showed signs of being sick. I took her to the shelter and was told she had Panleukopenia. They told me I could treat her or euthanize her. I chose treatment and lots of TLC. So happy to report, she beat the virus! My Luna!"

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    "Just got my first dog what should I name this little guy"

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    "We got this demon 2 weeks ago..."


    "We got this demon 2 weeks ago. And we can't seem to find a good name for her. We're looking for a name that inspires the night, or something evil (god, goddess, demon...), something dark that sounds good for a cat. Do you guys have any idea?"

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    "We will be bringing this little guy home soon. He’s an Anatolian Shepherd. Trying to think of a Star Wars-centric name. Any suggestions?"

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    "We will adopt him tomorrow. Any name ideas? He is 5 months."

    Cat - LTE+ 15:38 O 62 – 1 Wyślij wiadomość
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    "I brought this little dude home Friday night. I've been calling him "new guy" ...but I think he looks like a "Micah." What do y'all think?"

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    "Meet the newest addition to our family, Dobby. Dobby is a free elf."

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    "Say hello to my new cat Alfajor!"

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    "Just got this good boy, help us name him"

    Dog - LAND
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    "My husband and son found this little guy by our tractor..."


    "My husband and son found this little guy by our tractor while doing chores. He had bailing twine tangled around his neck. They got him free and decided to tame him. My son is completely smitten. Meet Smokey!"

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    "3 days in and we still can’t agree on a name. Please name this kitten. Friendly and likes to yell."

    Cat - kiea St kaa
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    "Adopted a kitten today! Her name is Loki, she is super scared, but too cute"

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    "Never thought I’d be a cat dude, but saw a sign, walked in and she climbed up my leg and up my back and claimed me. Meet my new kitten, dog :)"

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    "Found a new family member today. Flea/mite infested, starved, tongue ulcers, and missing teeth."

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    "Just adopted this boy. Does he look like a Mochi or a Gimli?"

    Cat - (限
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    "Adopted him today, he loves cuddling. Name suggestion please?something simple to pronounce"

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    "Just adopted him! Having a hard time picking out a name, Any suggestions? I would like something related with food"

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    "This is Unexpected Turbulence (Turbo). I got her last week and a guy I went on a date with said her name was dumb. I think she’s perfect."

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    "My boyfriend’s aunt found this kitten under her car and we’re adopting her! Any name ideas would be greatly appreciated."

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    "You really gonna scroll past without sayin' howdy? (Meet my new street kitten, Raven)"

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    "Someone brought Mango back to the shelter after 2 weeks for dumb reasons. We are so lucky to have her. She is the sweetest cat I have ever met."

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    "New cat, he’s a male. Plz give me names we have no idea what to name him."


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