I Can Has Cheezburger?

Mid-Week Animal Memes And Tweets For The Soul

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    Plumbing fixture - J.D. @mattafaak Just cats that don't want to see the vet Sasthe

    This silly kitties are NOT interested in ANYTHING related to the vet. They hear the word vet and, well, you can see what happens. It's the sneakiness, for us. These super sneaky kitty cats are willing to do crazyy things to avoid their shots!

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    Bird - Owl: I like to report an incident. Cop: [giggling] Do you know "hoo- dunnit"? Owl: I'm glad you think crime is funny, Officer Incompetent.

    Officer Incompetent should take his job more seriously!! Hmph. This is serious business! A lil birdy is a birdy, no matter how small. Now let's get down to the station and solve a crime!

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    Vertebrate - yung gp 3 @leftovercroc my guinea pig tasted a lemon today
  • 4
    Furniture - 1. how did he do this 2. why did he do this russianwholesomeness 1. stronk 2. confy
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    Bird - Paul Tweedy Follow OPaul2eD This bird keeps itself in the air by sheer force of anger alone.
  • 6
    Brown bear - Please don't touch the dog sir
  • 7
    Felidae - 5 year old me waiting for my mom to choose what l'm going to wear after taking a bath
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  • 8
    Dog - Brent Black @brentalfloss one more daaaawn One More Dayyyy ONE DAY MO0000000RE
  • 9
    Cat - ILLUSION 100
  • 10
    Cat - Hooman i requires your helps, dis tiny dinosaur bited me
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  • 11
    Bird - Sitting here minding my own business...when along came the tooth fairy...
  • 12
    Dog - "describe your ideal work environment"
  • 13
    Carnivore - WOKE UP TODAY BUT AT WHAT COST imgflip.com
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  • 14
    Gesture - When you hella goth and you fall in love with a normie...
  • 15
    Shoe - trying to enjoy the buffet Me, on acid, just A cop pulling me out of the Applebee's dumpster
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    Nature - Oh not much goes on out here, buddy. I run tru de snow, dey shoot de guns. I always get away. Buncha hosers in orange don't bother me none.
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    Dog - Reverend Scott @Reverend Scott "I'm gonna take ur picture" Wait, I'm not rea- [click]

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