I Can Has Cheezburger?

Mid-Week Animal Memes And Tweets For The Soul

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    Candle - Ryan Broderick @broderick There's no way to emotionally prepare yourself for how this cat looks 41 Strange @41Strange 1d This cat celebrating his 20th birthday 20 <>

    Hmmm. Okay, you have got our attention. We can not imagine that any cat comfortably seated behind a fat filet of delicious looking salmon would be upset. If we had to predict, we'd say this cat is smiling with a whole set of teefies showing proudly.

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    Candle - 20

    Or not… Someone's hangry.

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    Couch - My friends have a dog with separation anxiety and someone suggested they get a dummy while they're away to make the dog feel better and they sent them this and can't stop laughing

    Okay, this one's a game changer for us. It took us a minute to even realize that these doggos are cuddling up to a big ole dummy with tattooed arms (it's the details for us) and a nifty blue button down

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    Water - The world is a bit chaotic but here's some cute baby animals.
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    Jaw - My dog when he finally finds a place to lay down. Initiating spin.
  • 6
    Rectangle - Hi. Read 11:24 PM Don't send me that.
  • 7
    Cat - СЕО General Manager Manager Assistant Manager Employee Intern
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  • 8
    Water - Hi! Welcome to my ocean
  • 9
    Jaw - bubz @WhiteBoyBubz Just Incase you're having a bad day
  • 10
    Rectangle - Vessi @VessiFootwear What have you accidentally conditioned your pet to do?
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    Dog - dogs when they see a stranger: *happily wags tail* also dogs when someone knocks on door: dr
  • 12
    Snake - Looks like he's wearing a tiny sombrero..
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    Dog - Me: I'm going to get a dog to protect my house. The dog:
  • 15
    Cat - Papa '80

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