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Artist Creates Amazing Songs Using Viral Cat Videos

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    Here's an example of a viral video that Meredith remixed.

    There's a lot of potential here audio-wise, but how does one take a video like this into a catchy song? Read on to see exactly how Meredith takes the audio here, remixes it expertly, and turns it into a certified banger. She's bopping to the top with the help of some kitties being sassy. 

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    Here's the song Meredith made out of the video.

    Ok but this is honestly such a good song! We're a little obsessed. Purrhaps Meredith can write a theme song for ICanHasCheezburger, we would love a daily cat anthem to rock out to. Honestly when it comes to music, creativity and innovation like this is really what it's all about, who doesn't love seeing this kind of amazing remix?

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    Here's an adorable video of Winky the cat...

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    ..And this is the song that Meredith made by remixing the audio.

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    Another amazing song created from funny cat noises.

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    Perhaps Meredith's catchiest song is this one, created after seeing a funny video of Maple the cat.

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    Meredith even released a music video of her song on Youtube starring Maple the cat.

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    Hilariously, twitter users are saying that the song makes their cats flip out.

    Cat - Scott Hudson @notscotthudson · May 3 Replying to @meredithbull Locke is freaking out 2 27 1 276
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    Rectangle - Nigel Whitfield @nigelwUK ... Replying to @meredithbull I just watched this and now my highly strung cat is convinced there's another animal in her home 12:18 AM · May 3, 2021 · TweetDeck
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    Cat - Dr. Annette Hynes @PlanktonNette · May 3 Replying to @meredithbull Brilliant! Sibylla has concerns. 100
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    Brown - Weltschmerz @Izzlemashizzle · May 3 Schnapps refused to re-enter the room without an escort 11
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    Cat - Frances Lyle @esmelucy23 Replying to @meredithbull and @catsmother01 Can we have some more please? Charlie Charles love it. ADAY 100% T Treats

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