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Lettuce Loving Rabbit Hops to Stranger’s Door Everyday for His Daily Serving of Greens


It can definitely be difficult to maintain a balanced diet. Some days we're on top of it all, we make sure to get in the perfect mixture of healthy fats, carbs, protein, and vitamin C, and other days we realized all we ate was a family-size bag of Cheetos. We're not perfect. Life is all about enjoying yourself though. If one day you're craving a big old salad, go for that big old salad, if another day you're craving a cheese-stuffed corndog, you know what's good for you.


Now, why are we getting into diet talk here at animal comedy? Well, this adorable rabbit munching on a delectable piece of lettuce just got us craving some crunchy greens and it seems we just got inspired. He looks so content with his lettuce leaf. Obviously, he craves it every day because he returns every day for his daily serving. But enough chitter-chatter, let's get into the video.


Let's Watch


The text in the video reads: Pls I gave it salad once and it keeps coming back


But it doesn't seem like this content creator is really all that annoyed because the caption for this video says: IT'S SO CUTE


And we'd definitely have to agree with that statement. I mean, did you see that face?


Mr. Rabbit


The user that posted the video goes by @loliee.27 and this adorable video has already been viewed over 2 million times. Sorry, we just can't get over how sweetly it hopped away.


Some people in the comments believed this was someone's bunny, the user confirmed that this was definitely a wild rabbit. Good to know.


Let's take a look at some of the best comments:


I would just "ur coming home with me"


you’ve been chosen

He doesn’t even look real 🥺🥰



Clearly, this bunny is capable of stealing all of our hearts, and our lettuce, so we have to be careful.


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