30+ Random Memes That Are a Sight for Sore Eyes

  • 1
    Photograph - Run Shadowfax, show us the meaning of haste. haste /hāst/ Learn to pronounce пoun
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  • 2
    Orange - Your Knees What did you do to me? Age 30 I took away your bending
  • 3
    Cat - don't talk to me or my son or my sons son or my sons sons son ever again
  • 4
    Food - Time: 4:50:39 PM dee. @StayOnFleek They always spell my name wrong. * FOR HERF Items in order: * GEFF * n Cup Of Mater Extra Whip * FOR HERF Item: I of t It In orer: * GEFF Il Cup of Mater Reg: 2 Extra Mhip Time: Regt 4:50 39 PM 2. >CAFÉ< CAFES Shafeeq @Y2SHAF they should have called the police when you ordered water with whipped cream
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  • 5
    Photograph - 8 year old me every time my mom raised her voice at me Bye
  • 6
    Comfort - Squids on their way home after playing the game. Idk l've never watched the show Jared Gilman @realJaredGilman in life u are either two squids: one that wears sunglasses or one that eats plain slices of bread
  • 7
    Thigh - Snails be like: teekay 1994
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  • 8
    Nose - Look at this meme. I've already seen it.
  • 9
    Rectangle - Sounds exactly like something a haunted trunk would say. Fint FRE (NOT HAUNTED)
  • 10
    Forehead - My grandma to me when I say I am full We're done when I say we're done
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  • 11
    Hair - Aragorn, I dare you to kiss the prettiest person in the room. Eowyn? Y-yes? Move..I need to get to Legolas.
  • 12
    Plant - Your chances of being killed by a cucumber are very slim but are never zero
  • 13
    Eyebrow - The perfect compliment doesn't exi... You please both Satan and myself.
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  • 14
    Property - Burger King savage for this WORK FOR AA KING NOT A CLOWN 4OF WE'RE HIRING BURGER KING Find out how we give you more at
  • 15
    Water - my open internet browser tabs me
  • 16
    Cat - POV: You just pulled out the vaccum cleaner @cabbagecatmemes I'm gonna have to stop you right there pal
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  • 17
    Muscle - GEN Z MILLENNIALS Bite down on this, son. It helps.. I know. MEMES
  • 18
    Organism - Good luck breeding those lions...
  • 19
    Light - What genre are national anthems? I don't know Country
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  • 20
    Photograph - Spongebob, I see him! What, where? What's he doing? Uh, he's just standing there, menacingly!
  • 21
    Vertebrate - Spongebob, I see him! What, where? What's he doing? He's just sitting there...menacingly!
  • 22
    Font - me: do u have any ibuprofen my grandpa: back in my day we just died 30/9/18, 9:25 am 22.6K Retweets 82.1K Likes
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  • 23
    Dog - put a wig on the dog and frightened the crap out of the postman. O Wokingham, England
  • 24
  • 25
    Dog - It's behind me... Isn't it..?
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  • 26
    Head - Me: I don't have a mask Grandma: hold my tea...
  • 27
    Cartoon - Your girl when she doesn't like what she ordered
  • 28
    Hat - Monitor 1 Monitor 2 Where is the cursor? THE CURSOR: Stay absolutely still. His vision is based on movernent. imgfip com
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  • 29
    Food - Me looking at the mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving SUPRA FRP'S
  • 30
    Font - A maxx A @climaxximus me: I heard owen wilson is a master of disguise wife: wow me: [narrows eyes] 1:16 PM · 12 Apr 20 · Twitter for Android >
  • 31
    Font - Me in 2040: "And then they shot this gorilla-“ My kids: "What does this have to do with a toilet paper shortage?" Me: We get there when we get there!
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  • 32
    Cartoon - When you order 12 things at once on amazon but only get one shipping notification Oh, yeah. It's all coming together.
  • 33
    Photograph - Tau, Mr Bond? Embarrassing. I cast "Da Jump" and put my 30 Ork Boyz in the rear of your gun line. Waaaaagh, Mr. Bond. made with mematic
  • 34
    Vertebrate - You wanna know why they call me Peggy, Hank?
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  • 35
    Car - That is a volvo sedan, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell The 200 series is the lord of all volvos, and has been my friend through many dangers


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