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This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets

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    Cat - Maddy Melton @maddymelton3 ... My cat keeps sitting like this and it makes me so uncomfortable.

    Ah! What is that cat doing? We get it man, sometimes you just want to be comfortable, but still, it looks so weird, almost as if the cat is pooping the way humans do.  Never-the-less there's no need for the hooman to get so upset over this cuteness. 


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    Font - Hanza Art @az_hanza My cat pooped in the flower pot (fake flower) I put on work desk. Because there's sand in the pot. my Why do I love cats

    We really love that this guy is  enough of a cat person to experience something this disgusting and still love his cat at the end of it. Truly, we respect him a lot for that. Even though if we were in his position we might of just thrown out the flower pot. 

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    Cat - Desus Nice @desusnice ... we had one highlight this season. shouts to the yankee stadium cat
  • 4
    Font - Michael ... @Home_Halfway Just had a great conversation with my cat. We discussed the following: 1. Is he a little baby 2. He is in fact a little baby 3. The fact that he's very cute 4. The origin of how he got to be so cute 5. Why he is so little 6. Details as to how he's a good boy
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    Cabinetry - my uncle's meme stash @myunclesmemes Dammit cat Laws of Physics:"existed Cat: screw you
  • 6
    Cat - TeN @te_teiji I have hired this cat to stare at you.
  • 7
    Cat - cat_yawns ... @cat_yawns I managed to get Speedball to do a dance while she had a blep. Too bad the pictures so blurry #CatsOfTwitter #cats
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    Cat - @lilrichiebitch LOOK AT MY CAT LOOK AT HER LOOK AT MY CAT
  • 9
    Plant - Bodacious the Shepherd Cat ... @1CatShepherd Kitty Mustard had his turn to pose at sunrise. His orange glowed in the sun's warming dawn light.
  • 10
    Cat - Kate Flood @KateFlood tfw you adopt an old cat cuz you all think "give this lad a retirement fit for a king" but you all immediately bond with him cuz despite the face on him he's the happiest, friendliest cat in the world & from this day onwards you vow to fight any god who takes him from us too soon
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  • 11
    Cat - Adam Serwer ... @AdamSerwer Eggsy: This is not a two cat bed Benne: yes it is
  • 12
    Cat - translated cats @TranslatedCats What brand of toothpaste do you use?
  • 13
    Font - Alison Leiby ... @AlisonLeiby If you have a cat, does it think you are its mom, its friend, or the government?
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    Plant - The Zoë-diac Killer ... @z_wolfe a chill afternoon for monorail cat and their shy orange friend

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