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Fancy Bois: Awwdorable Photos Of Sophisticated Dogs

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    Glasses - Kate Chastain @Kate_Chastain I think my dog might be bougie b/c he freaks out on the subway and in taxis but not UberX

    Awww, look at this tiny Rockefeller! He refuses to sit anywhere other than UberX, his humans lap, and of course, five star restaurants. We hope this tiny, bougie, fancy boy enjoys how much his hooman pampers him. He certainly looks like a good uptown boy to us.

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    Couch - Josi @josi_stonee My dog past life. was definitely a dramatic wealthy woman in his

    Who is that lounging dramatically on the couch? Is it an awwdorable dog? Or is it, dare we say, a dramatically wealthy woman that's been reincarnated as a fabulous dog? Questions, questions… Perhaps only this fancy dog truly knows the answers, but he sure is having a good time.

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    Dog - April ... @ReignOfApril Thanking the doggie gods for this lazy, bougie dog who hasn't even considered going out into the rain since 9:30am.
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    Cheezburger Image 9640012544
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    Dog - Wish.com Mariner ... @DrSpaceSuzie I guess J-L has decided we bought this fancy, oversized Pottery Barn throw pillow as a dog bed for him.
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    Dog - Peter Peter Pumpkin Cheesecake Eater @JoefromGhent milo is now a fancy dog.
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    Furniture - Khanh Theresa, PharmD. @dr_khanderz Gets dog fancy couch. Dog lays behind couch. ...Stan
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    Comfort - Krister Rollins Som @KristerR Fancy dogs require doubled-up dog beds
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    Dog - Vader @sadsith_dani Please appreciate my fancy pupper
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    Dog - Michelle ... @michelleg717 Most bougie dog award goes to Kobe for his new Louis Vuitton collar #badandboujee
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    Dog - goth girl shit @amandatoryfigs Replying to @HunterJCullen Puppy Dolly Parton would like you to know what a fancy lady she is.
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    Dog - diabetic lover ... @octom0m i love this beautiful wealthy dog

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