I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

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    "I was driving home from work and found this little sweetheart..."


    "I was driving home from work and found this little sweetheart in the middle of a busy street dodging cars. She's very thin, not chipped, has a bunch of fleas and a bad ear infection. I just dropped 400 bucks at the vet so I think she's mine now. What shall I call her?"

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    "Brought this little girl home the other day. Anyone have any name ideas?"

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    "A poor old lady next to the supermarket..."


    "A poor old lady next to the supermarket was begging people to take this little baby home because she can't afford to take care of both her mother and the kitten. I couldn't resist!"

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    "Any name suggestions for our new lil girl?"

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    "I’ve always been called a cat-person..."

    Dog - ar

    "I've always been called a cat-person with three in the family right now, but I recently decided to adopt a puppy and I think he's pretty happy about it. Everyone meet Disco!"

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    "Just adopted this “derp”. Any name ideas?"

  • 7

    "Hey, meet Betty- some idiot took this beautiful, awesome girl to the local Rescue and my wife and I made her our first pet. She is everything."

    Dog - 4
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  • 8

    "Had this little boy almost a week and need help naming him."

    Cat - L晚
  • 9

    "New pupper. Need some help with a name for her?"

  • 10

    "My foster fail. Can you blame me?"

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    "I got a puppy last month. :,)"

  • 12

    "My new kitten showing off how cute he can be."

  • 13

    "Drove 3 hours to pick up this little lady! Her sisters name is Coco, what name would pair well with it?"

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  • 14

    "My boyfriend and I adopted our first pet together, today! This is Goose!"

  • 15

    "My cat Vinny, I’ve never owned a cat, can I get some tips please?"

    Cat - eeses Pufs
  • 16

    "Hi! I’m new here. Just got home from the shelter."

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  • 17

    "Two of our cats died of cancer recently. And we just adopted this cute boy as a friend for our lonely cat. What should we name him?"

  • 18

    "My partner and I adopted Emma today! She is a 1yr old Oriental."

    Cat - Temptations Tom Temptativn
  • 19

    "This feller has been in the streets for 2 weeks now and I think she doesn’t have a owner. So today was the day I will own my very first cat. Meet Zola"

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  • 20

    "I adopted a pair of feral rescue kittens 9 years ago today. Just look at them now!"


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