I Can Has Cheezburger?

Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets

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    Cat - Setting my alarms for 5am at lam

    Wow, been there done that! Friendly reminder that its currently October, which is a great time to get your sleep schedule realigned before wintertime! We recommend having a cute cat to snuggle with at night, it definitely helps with insomnia. Also, if you're listening to us tiny cat, put your phone away! That blue light cannot be healthy for your eyes so late at night, so stop it!

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    Cat - caitlyn 9 O @caitlynrae ... nothing like waking up incredibly hungover only to discover that your roommate picked up a free kitten from craigslist???? CE NOM 0204

    We have a lot of questions about this. I mean first of all, whaaat? Don't you have to like, tell your roommates before adopting a new cat? Cats live a long time, and some people have allergies, this could end sort of badly. Second of all, now that that's out of the way, this cat is absolutely awwdorable. We're not advising you to adopt a cat from craigslist without telling your roommate, but uh, it sure is cute!

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    Cat - Wait for rubbing the belly
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    Photograph - IT'S A LION
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    Font - Kim Kelly ... @GrimKim just overheard my boyfriend, who works outside all day, describe me to someone as "an indoor cat"
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    Cat - Everyday he wakes up and chooses violence
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    Forehead - Anne T. Donahue @annetdonahue seconds after accidentally stepping on my cat's tiny precious paw
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    Nose - Go on... I'm listening...
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    Product - Ry @RyyFyy Is- is my cat okay? REIGN S4 E0 A Better Man
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    Font - Question If I don't know when my cat's birthday is, should I just make one up? Community Answer Yes. Just try not to make it the same day as someone else's birthday that you know, or you won't be able to give all your attention to the birthday cat.
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    Brown - I think my cats have been watching too much disney
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    Cat - Why do cats sit so still? .because they are on pawS.

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