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Getting Wooed Away By Another Hissterical Caturday: Fresh Cat Memes

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    Cat - birdhug you know when little kids are told to smile for the camera and they do the biggest grin bc they aren't self conscious about their teeth yet they just give it their all.. that's wat this looks like

    All you would need to be able to catch a picture like this of us is put our cat in front of us. That's it, plop it down on the other side of the room, have it do literally anything whatsoever, and we will be grinning from ear to ear just like this little cutie. Yeah, we're that whipped, and we feel no shame about it at all.

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    Cat - aquickcupofcoffee I take baths with my cat by letting her float in a plastic box. I keep the box in my closet. I only started doing this about a month ago, but now when I turn the bathwater on she runs to the closet and jumps in her box.

    It's one of our absolute favorite things that cats are each so heckin' unique. Every single one of them is a weirdo in their own way, and this one might be one of our favorite weirdos. She has figured out a way to enjoy the wonderfulness of the wave without experiencing the horror of water. We commend her for that. 

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    Photograph - The world would be a better place if we could all set our differences aside, like this cat and baby cow @the_pizzacat
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    Cat - yeah @amanda_catale Please look at my child getting himself into a pickle on the new cat tree
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    Rabbit - awwww-cute: After a forest fire - These two snuggled up together in an office... Bobcat and fawn
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    Plant - I must, teach you to be fierce But mom Tare Feerse
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    Cat - GIMME SNACcccccccccCKS.
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    Vertebrate - cursed-dem O @kalllisti Let me introduce you to the Melanistic Kodkod or Guiña. Native to central and southern Chile. Smallest wild cat in the Americas. weighing in at 5 lbs on average
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    Plant - Ohoho what is that I hear behindst me, mayhaps I TWIMST aroumd and take an peep for mineself
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    Cat - Traditionally, the Scots used the Sporran in battle to carry their war kittens
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    Cat - I can be your angel or your devil
  • 13
    Cat - When your owner won't feed you for the 42nd time today:
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    Dog - America Needs to Get Back To Work Why Not Work From Home Forever? AS AMERICA debates a re- ENOUGH IS enough. Ameri- can business has taken a historic plunge over the past month. It's turn to work, it's important not to rush. We need to balance the BY A DOG economy against the ex- tremely valid concerns about public health and protecting lives. And walks. We need to think about all of the walks. And ball. We need to also BY A CAT time to con- sider a practi- cal plan for protecting public h
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    Cat - Me: I'm going to the bathroom My cat: WE are going
  • 16
    Cat - When your cat is more photogenic than you
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    Cat - When the waiter comes out with food but it's not yours. u/0oof buddy
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    Bird - Me, a European with a horrible sleep cycle trying to blend in with the Americans
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    Cat - Kitty is not amused
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    Cat - interviewer: So, why should we hire you? me: cos y'all hiring..
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    Dog - jobee (green rat) @milkglutton_ is this the shining 1:25 PM · 4/10/21 · Twitter for Android
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    Cat - Photographer: "Now give me a sexy pose!" Me:
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    Nose - The cutest slippers ever



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