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Twitter Thread: Awwdorable Cats Being Super Responsible

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    Plant - Andy @andy_muan can we start a thread of responsible cat ownership?!!!! show me your kitties ••000 .

    Awww, we love this idea! Show us all of your cute cats, all the time! Let's see what everyone replied with, we know we're excited to see more cats out in nature having a ton of fun. Also, just putting it out there, this is a beautiful marmalade tabby cat, such a stunning shade of orange!

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    Cat - Susi "_())_/" @sssusi88 Replying to @andy_muan A studious hardworking girl that helps her mom do engineering. 9 UNCLASSIFIED

    Wow look at this cutie! Such a good cat for 'helping' her hooman all the time. Who wouldn't want someone to make their work a lot easier? Clearly this girl is doing just that by sitting on her hooman's laptop all day long, so that her hooman can't even type anything. Great work kitty!

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    Cat - Jamie Bucholz @ErydayIMusselin Replying to @andy_muan This is Morse
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    Cat - Andy @andy_muan ... Replying to @ErydayIMusselin do they all sit like this??
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    Cat - Havana Syndrome Ward Doctor @_c_perez Replying to @andy_muan The first photo was three years ago when CAT(0) was only a few months old, the other one is of him riding his couch motorcycle a few days ago
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    Cat - Austin Ashbaugh @Aus10Ash Replying to @andy_muan Not my cat but my sisters - I will steal him at some point tho - his name is Percival
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    Water - Sarah Godwin @godlings Replying to @andy_muan She's closely supervised because she's got a thin leash on her harness. No tangles!
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    Outerwear - Jon Kuntz @Shark_eye_sci Replying to @andy_muan @ecolangie and Igor!
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    Water - corinne Sn @rikkelmania Replying to @andy_muan love me some responsible kitties
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    Cat - Ruth Valverde @ruthvalverde17 Replying to @andy_muan Hansel (back) and Gretel.
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    Cap - Alliemarie Marasco @marascoh_am Replying to @andy_muan
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    Cat - Eve Rickert, fully vaxxed ... @everickert Replying to @andy_muan
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    Cat - Alana @alana_olendorf Replying to @andy_muan Burger doesn't let the snow stop his walkies
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    Building - b boo : ... @brittaclems Replying to @andy_muan She looky but no touchy
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    Cat - Kelli McKeegan @McKeegan_Kelli Replying to @andy_muan Black one is my vain little pampered brat, calico was feral but showed up on a porch pregnant and after birth & spay successfully transitioned to indoor :)

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