I Can Has Cheezburger?

Pupper Medley: Compilation of Marvelous Doggo Memes and Tweets

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    Dog - EGLDoggo NFT- @EGLDoggo ... When your human says "who is a good boy?" and you already know he's talking about you

    Wait a sec, doggos speak English? Then how come they don't explain themselves when we ask why they destroyed our sofa cushions? These puppers may be awwdorable, but they still have quite a bit of explaining to do. If they want to have a fun puppy walk this Halloween then they sure are going to have to start talking, fast.

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    Photograph - DC_Police Dogs ( Puppy Development Program) @DC_PoliceDogs TPD Gwen was one of the smallest pups in the G litter and was a bit timid in the early days. But she is much bolder now and really filling out into a very powerful lady. She would be in my van just for her tracking.

    Behold Gwen! The ginormous ginemorous gwen is a giant doggo, that's for sure! But don't rain on this Gwen's pawmazing parade, because in her head she is just a smol pupper who can sit in hoomans laps. Let's all just let Gwen live out her fantasy, regardless of how chonky she is in real life. if Gwen calls herself a lap dog, then that's exactly what she is. 

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    Dog - Sophie @Xsophie_masonX ... The guide dog we sponsor has graduated and is working full time I'm so proud a Puppy | Guide Dogs for the Blind on t 14:26
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    Dog - Kris737 ... @kvaughan737 My dog being asleep on my head is a valid reason to call out of work, right?
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    Dog - Calvin Brewer ... @Calv31 Replying to @EdenCottage Haha love this, dogs just love getting involved...ours makes quite a good tension tool for the yarn
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    Asphalt - Thirsty God @Thirsty God ... I told my colleague that I just wanna lay down here and she said "Oh! like how dogs do?!" I really think dogs are on to something, we should all do that.
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    Product - jellyfish brain @aspectofhypnos me: not having a dog also me: 11:11 Dog Training & Clicker 0OGO by Dogo Your Puppy & Obedience Trai.. GET In-App Purchases
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    Water - Cute Dog Pics @cute_doggo1 ... But I'm still single
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    Sky - NELSON @PupperNelson I'm having my first-ever visit to a dog park! Even though I'm the only dog here, there are still new things to smell, so it's okay!
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    Glasses - Rachel Agnes @baetog_ ... meant to get one puppy, ended up with 2. oops. Help me name these two lil brothers.
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    Dog - Louie & Kallie ... @LouieKallie We graduated puppy school today.
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    White - sps @_suryansh_ Replying to @whyisaadit Pastor Dog blesses you

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