I Can Has Cheezburger?

27 Purrfectly Curated Funny Cat Memes

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    Cat - Excuse me sir. There appears to be a hare in my pancakes.

    Waiter, waiter! This brings a whole new dimension to that classic dad joke. But seriously, what hooman has a pet rabbit and a pet cat this awwdorable, and where do they live? We need to invite ourselves over ASAP so that we can see the pure cuteness that this incredible duo are radiating. 

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    Roof Cats Chilling

    Photograph - look at them social distancing

    Wow, this might be the most aesthetically pleasing photo that we've seen all day. Cats plus a roof top plus the cute little gaps in between each floofy little chonky cat. This picture gives us serotonin, such an incredible shot. And of course, these cats are real role models with their social distancing. 

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    His Face! Poor Thing!

    Carnivore - My poor cat got stuck in the laundry room.
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    Honestly Incredible.

    Cat - I can't believe we get to have cats. You can go to a shelter and pick one up practically for free and then you get to live with it and play with it and pet it whenever you want and it's fi 1g GREAT.
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    Working From Home

    Cat - Working From Home Expectation: Reality: söZERO STE @officially shelby CRO ANRIE
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    Cat - When you accidentally touch the treat bag
  • 7

    I Am Potato

    Cat - Describe your relationship with potatoes Me:
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    Cat - When someone you hate starts talking.
  • 9

    Circle Of Cuteness

    Cat - Day 2 of Quarantine: The cats are plotting to kill me...
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    Cat - No one: Cats when they love someone: nnyatute cem bonk
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  • 11

    Cool Cats Hug Their Friends

  • 12

    Floating Cat

    Light - I felt bad for my cat not being able to see out to our front yard, so together we cut him a peep hole in the frosting.
  • 13


    Photograph - when you take a selfie with your extrovert friend
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  • 14

    Basic Economics

    Cat - Trying to explain why he's been getting so much more attention lately. Number of Pets Per Hour ND M u e via
  • 15

    2021 IRL

    Product - Boomer humor: I hate my wife Millenials humor: I hate my life Gen Z humor: Cet
  • 16

    Who Remembers This Meme?

    Couch - My pillow cases came today, much to my family's horror
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  • 17

    What Time Is It?

    Cat - Me waking up from my 3rd nap of the day to see if the sun is still out @cabbagecatmemes
  • 18

    Never Too Old

    Cat - CHETANA Chicken nuggs shaped like dinosaurs 23 year old me
  • 19

    Great Compromise

    Cat - My gf wanted to adopt a kitten, I said not now. As compromise here's the kitten
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    Cat - Mayhem had dental surgery today and is out of her gourd. She has been sitting here, calmly watching bird videos on YouTube for literally hours.
  • 21

    Good Job Guys

    Brown - "Our year-and-a-half-old cat teaching our 5-month-old Golden Retriever the right way to monitor our streets from the window"
  • 22

    'Twas Foretold

    Plant - His arrival was foretold in the ancient murals
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  • 23

    Not Enough

    Cat - I think i have enough for a week PRESIE DERE ERE MEAT MEMU MIERE MEAT HHENN PREMIE MIERE
  • 24

    Such A Difference

    Head - Me and our dog and my wife and our cat Photo
  • 25

    Uh Oh...

    Dog - My two coworkers are getting into a heated discussion..
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    Cat - "What are your plans since you're not working?" Me...and my cat: STAY HOME GET CHO NKY
  • 27


    Cat - "Lasagna? Who said lasagna?"

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