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25 Wholesome Memes And Nothing But Animal Positivity

  • 1

    "here kitty kitty"

    Cat - I tried to video chat with my cat and she recognized me 200

    The way that our hearts would have melted instantly if this happened to us, we're not even kidding. Sometimes, when we go on long trips, we're still worried about our pets forgetting us. The relief when we come back and they do is insane, so we can only imagine how this person might have felt. 

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  • 2

    "Inherited joke"

    Dog - Me My dad laughing at the joke he hasn't even told yet My grandpa who told him the joke

    Ah yes, the wholesomeness of having your family be happy. The only thing that we think is off about this meme is the "me" reaction - because yes, while we might be a bit peeved at not being part of the joke, we would be sitting there with the biggest goofiest smiles on our faces at seeing our families so heckin' happy. 

  • 3

    "As real as it gets : )"

    Cat - @NewDadNotes My Adopted Dad explaining why Me waiting for him to finish so I can tell him I found my real dad the day he brought me home. it's ok if I want to try to find my real dad.
  • 4

    "Come on guys, they're trying their best"

    Food - Teachers really used to hype up the end of year party just to serve us this God underpaid teachers who are trying to make an effort to their students
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  • 5

    "I will always love you mom and dad, and thank you"

    Dog - My mom, who was My dad, who is an orphan shunned and abused by her parent Me, receiving unconditional love and affection from them made with Love
  • 6

    "Took me to Olive Garden afterwards"

    Water - 9yo me being a tree in the school play My grandparents
  • 7

    "Way to go girl"

    Bird - My gf flexing in front of me after she decided to start working out, after years of battling with depression and anxiety
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  • 8

    "Its still cute ngl"

    Nose - Me being happy and proud with the outcome My dad doing my hairstyle while Mum is gone am iares uji
  • 9

    "I <3 my mumma"

    Water - me: living with physical disabilities, anxiety and crippling depression the unconditional love and support from my mumma
  • 10

    "Makes the day better"

    Cat - When you're waiting for your favorite person and you finally see them
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  • 11

    "I don’t know if this has been made yet, but it happened to me the other day"

    Photograph - Random person: I like your shirt Me for the rest of the day: made with mematic
  • 12

    "You are the best kind of person"

    Beak - kind woman in the grocery store calling me honey adult me having a bad day
  • 13

    "thanks for the food grandma"

    Glasses - grandma: such a handsome young man me, who just finished my 3rd plate:
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  • 14

    "Thanks mom!"

    Cat - 5-year-old me telling the world's longest story about nothing My mom: HEMO Ricry CAN ORIGINALS
  • 15

    "thenks rick"

    Cat - wondering where.mommy go Imom.. six year old me in the supermarket where are you? The guy in the information area 환영 Ainwnw Hogde men em-vindo Hello Rick Come, this is no place to die
  • 16

    "just as excited"

    Photograph - my girlfriend wondering where I'm taking her: me who got us tickets for the movie she's been talking about all week:
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  • 17

    "making her proud"

    Cat - me a first generation american being the first person in my family to go to college my mom who worked hard and struggled to give me a good upbringing, happy to see me go
  • 18

    "I'd like to have one"

    Wood - Y04 11. my dad noticed i was stressed so he 3d printed me a little wooden elephant Sat 20
  • 19

    "He has been helpful always."

    Primate - My big bro talking about how he coped with his depression during school days. t/sipthestreets Me and the bois taking notes.
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  • 20

    ""how did you get soo big so fast?" I love her"

    Textile - me: gets 0.1 cm taller Grandma:
  • 21

    "Happy in school"

    Cat - When you ask a question in class and a small conversation starts made with mematic
  • 22

    "Who else plays on easy?"

    Dog - It doesnt matter what difficulty you play on in a game as long as you are having fun
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  • 23

    "It's a happy accident"

    Eye - Forgetting where you buried 74% of the acorns you harvested Accidentially creating an entire forest filled with acorn trees
  • 24

    "Helpful gloomy bord"

    Bird - When you are a being of the dark shadows but you see someone sad Drive @birh bobe LOVE
  • 25

    "It's so special"

    Organism - 4 year old me: grandpa, look! me: does nothing special grandpa:

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