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Comedic Instances Of Cats Visiting Their Neighbors And Setting Up Camp

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    Cat - Went to bed last night with my wife and woke up to this in the morning. We don't have cat. (It's a neighbor's cat) Cat Picture 19.3k 295 1, Share + Award

    Well, he sure is a cutie patootie. We sure hope OP allowed him to contniue enjoying his beauty sleep before he was eventually returned to his home. Maybe OP will even consider getting his own feline cuddle buddy!

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    Organism - anneroma +2• 19h He looks so peaceful. I hope you let him lounge with you for a while G Reply 1.4k + sami73 OP. 19h Sure did, I felt asleep for two more hours 4 1k 3

    We love to hear it.

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    Font - 360inMotion · 13h I used to wake up to my neighbor's cat in my bed as well back in the day, until I found a tick biting into my stomach one morning. D: To be fair we were in a wooded area, and Diablo obviously didn't mean to bring in pests on purpose. After that I found a better way to block the windows, but I was still certain to provide him nice ear rubs out on the safety of our front porch.

    Devlish Diablo at it again, though he obviously did not mean to bring any pests in, he was just looking for a snuggle buddy. What can you do? Sometimes, stuff happens. Consistent ear rubs out on the safety of the front porch sounds like the right way to go about this situation, though.

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    Rectangle - desertSkateRatt +2• 19h d 1 Award Your wife is a WereCat! Reply 1 1.3k helterskeltermelter • 14h .who's chosen to spend the feline half of her life hanging with the neighbors. 332 ...
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    Azure - angrypirate1122 • 18h Man, your wife really goes all out for Halloween! 6 Reply 1 561
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    Font - External-Assist-8441 · 11h My male cat refused to be an indoor cat and chewed through the screen one night. He was gone for a week but chubbier than when he left. Finally he came hone during a thunderstorm totally soaked so he probably got locked out of his new digs. Then I just closed the glass door and he tried to claw and chew his way out again. But couldn't of course. He held a grudge! 4 14 cbelt3 +1• 11h Heh... we had four mini panthers (solid black, two short hair, two long hair). B
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    Font - External-Assist-8441 · 15h Cats will do this if you let them out. I even heard about two families who both thought it was their cat because at one house he spent the days and at the other the nights. So he cheated on both families and doubled up on food. I insist that cats are crazy smart. 6 Reply 1 147 3 cbelt3 +1• 11h There is a lovely children's book "Six Dinner Sid" where this is the theme. It's adorable. 4 30 3 +
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    Font - S Ali550n • 11h That happened to me once. I was staying the weekend with friends who had a dog, not a cat. Woke up in the middle of the night to a cat sleeping on me. I woke everyone up.. turns out their cat disappeared about 6 months earlier and had a way to get in-out through the attic. Decided to come home once to sleep on me and then ran off in the middle-of-the-night commotion and never came back again.
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    Font - hellokayy1234 • 17h Omg I love that. Community cats are great. In my opinion. I love seeing cats choose their people. & he looks like a sweetie. G Reply 1 97 3 JayBurro +1• 15h My cat, Empress Purrpateen, has become the neighborhood cat. She's home every day, mainly early mornings, but she makes her rounds to the neighbors. There's one guy who absolutely loves her- she's a bit of a diva and expects all the pets, but he did like a 30 minute photo shoot with her. 4 79 3 ...
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    Rectangle - lamwaggs +2 • 12h I've had some cheeky neighbourhood cats treating my place like a hotel, but this!!! Really chucking at the beautiful audacity. Reply 1 3 ...
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    Font - yuser-naim · 17h My old neighbour had a cat like this. If I ever left the sitting room window open at night l'd usually wake up with the cat asleep on or curled up next to me. G Reply 1 65 +
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    Font - snoski1234 O• 15h Cats are smart. He knew you needed a snuggle buddy. Wifey had errands and you needed a couple more hours rest! Kitty was pleased to volunteer G Reply 36 ...
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    Font - unclesam2000 +2• 18h 1 Award One of our old cats was famous for doing this in my neighborhood. One of my friend's mom worked as a night shift ER nurse and slept during the day. Jack would keep her company 3 or 4 times a week. She got so used to it that when Jack passed away she had trouble sleeping. I can't remember how many times various neighbors called because they found his collar under their beds. G Reply 1 815 + ehlersohnos +2 • 14h That's incredibly adorable. Jack sounds like he wa
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    Font - Liapocalypse1 +3 • 13h My cat growing up kept getting taken in by a neighbor at a house behind ours, he always came home smelling like perfume. Got "locked" in their garage once for a few days, whole nine yards. Got to the point that my dad had to write a nasty letter to get them to stop taking in my cat. 1 17 3
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    Rectangle - RhydYGwin +2• 15h Well, he's a ginger, that's why! Ginger cats are very friendly and tend to believe that the whole world belongs to them. And of course it does! 6 Reply 1 50 ...

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