I Can Has Cheezburger?

Delightfully Humorous Series Of Animal Snaps

  • 1
    Felidae - Reetos Those are mine, look at the bag it says my name

    Well, you can't argue with that. The dude's name is literally on the bag, bro, you've got to let him have some. Though, we do suggest doing some research regarding cheetahs' ability to digest Cheeto products prior to sharing.

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  • 2
    Head - Mrs Meesqueaks likes to nibble my fingernails, but holds my fingers still to be sure she doesn't hurt me. If I say "ouch," she stops and licks the finger instead!

    Teeny weeny Mrs. Meesqueaks is quite the nibbler. Her go to victim? Fingernails. Do not be dismayed, if you say "ouch" she'll move from the fingernails to the fingers themselves, so that's better…right?

  • 3
    Sky - There's always a safer route, especially with two baby moose
  • 4
    Infrastructure - PARAGON IHOUT A man with two dogs in his pockets, walking a duck wearing shoes
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  • 5
    Fixture - Recently, every morning my father places bird food in the yard for my mother to wake up on this view
  • 6
    Bird - I can never get a nice picture of them all together
  • 7
    Window - Owls were born on my colleague's windowsill a few weeks ago and I. Just. Can't. Even.
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  • 8
    Deer - Got some unexpected guests AMERICAN She was looking at the sunglassed and the chips. I was laughing so hard AMERICAN About 30 minutes later, here comes the deer again with her whole family
  • 9
    Sky - Two baby weasels pause for a photograph while scampering across a scenic road in the Scottish Highlands
  • 10
    Bird - The Marilyn Monroe of pigeons
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  • 11
    Terrestrial animal - One of the alpacas on my school farm gave birth yesterday. Nugget the chicken is her godmother
  • 12
    Handwriting - Sleepy boye Bat Skeping Pkase use other Dor
  • 13
    Bird - This duck thinks he's a flamingo. "When in Rome...".
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  • 14
    Nature - The animal handlers at the Oregon Zoo took Elephant around to meet some other animals. The sea lions were her favorite

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