50 Fresh Memes for Your Fixing of Funny on a Fantastic February the Fourteenth

  • 1
    Product - Her: Hold me 30 seconds after she falls asleep:
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  • 2
    People - When she's thinking about forgiving you, but her friends are there to remind her you ain't shit
  • 3
    T-shirt - When you're trying to initiate a deep conversation with someone, but all they know is kardashian gossip
  • 4
    Face - You Wake Up to this and Your First Words are? Meet Luthra 5 more minutes please Like Reply 21 January at 19:50
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  • 5
    Dog - When you get yourself into a stupid situation but you can't blame anyone but yourself
  • 6
    Text - when the prof puts the assignments on the desk for everyone to pick up and you have to run to it before anyone sees your grade EN SEAGOMNDAD sel @ironringgirls
  • 7
    Text - "How's your New Years resolution going?" Me: Slicedsourdough 3m ago MYFITNESSPAL These reminders don't seem helpful. We'll stop them so they don't bother you. Press for more
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  • 8
    Denim - Why Kanye look like the easiest guy to beat in Streetfighter 2 cno
  • 9
    Hair - When you realize Beyoncé made you leave your man & meanwhile she was getting pregnant by hers...
  • 10
    Footwear - i says to him ehhhh ohhh ehhhhh The "Italian Dad" Starter Pack
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  • 11
    Eyewear - I've never related to something so much o00 Verizon 4:28 PM Tweet Madihah Ali madihahali1 why do ppl with glasses take them off for pictures LOOOL 2/4/17, 2:18 PM 57 RETWEETS 72 LIKES Madihah Ali @madihahali1 14h they're triggered Imfaoo @gdycin 1d t3
  • 12
    Text - When someone asks why I'm drunk on a Weekday I'm an adult.
  • 13
    Text - Baking your babes a cake for valentines day. DO @pieaum GOTHAN TOLERATE YOU
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  • 14
    Property - twenty one pilots lyrics vs twenty one pilots music sound
  • 15
    Transport - Trying to fit in the whole weekend's homework in one night ENJOY EVERY PIZZA
  • 16
    True frog - When someone says that your memes aren't dank so you load your shotgun garm
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  • 17
    Exercise machine - Him: You have plans for Valentine's Day? Her: Oh sorry, I have a boyfriend Him: Since when? Her: Since you asked me if I had plans for Valentine's Day. shuttersteck
  • 18
    Face - When you're too broke to buy the game so you just watch others play on YouTube
  • 19
    Outerwear - When you post a" thank you note for hitting 2000 followers but then your followers count goes back to 1999
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  • 20
    Text - how old is your girlfriend? 11.30 11:3 HAHAHAHA, she could be your mom 11:34 yes, but she is yours 11:3 41
  • 21
    Text - Relationship goals A rose is not 9 eod Symbal Par love Roses wilt will not give you a rose or even flawers, Our love is farever So here is a oka Phone NOKIA
  • 22
    Seat belt - "When ya momma know she about to hit the brakes hard, but she swear that hand can save you"
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  • 23
    Text - I am at karaoke - there is a karaoke version of The Simpsons theme and the only words are "The Simpsons..." then it plays the music and ends ...The Simpsong... Co
  • 24
    Product - person: steps on the back of my shoe me, for a whole week: Nilla
  • 25
    Text - Girl: Sometimes I like to be left alone Me: (trying to impress her) *gets up and leaves* hiagterstca
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  • 26
    Text - Here's a graph of my life thus far @thedryginger
  • 27
    Clothing - Cardio Couch OTHemcainz OFFicial Silicone Squats
  • 28
    Text - friend: dude! your crush is coming me: damn what should I do? friend: idk man, just... be yourself me: lei.ying.lo
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  • 29
    Product - There are two types of Valentine's Day celebrations 45.00 45.00 37 00 33 0 33 00 3/3.00
  • 30
    Green - Me: well I just woke up. Time to be productive Me to me: stare at your phone in bed for an hour
  • 31
    Face - Me rewarding myself because I wrote the date and title on an essay which isn't even due for another two weeks SP HAM
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  • 32
    Toe - Don't buy new socks. Use permanent marker instead.
  • 33
    Text - Shout out to all of the oldest children who were used as the tester kids and now watch their younger siblings get away with shit you would have been killed for. Justice will never be restored.
  • 34
    Text - brain: instead of going to bed now, lets stay up another 5 hours doing nothing productive. me: why brain: you gotta
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  • 35
    White - 0have no self control
  • 36
    Clothing - Official winter uniform of every woman ever
  • 37
    Cool - "My boyfriend will whoop your fuc-"
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  • 38
    Photo caption - When you send nudes to your online gf and your uncle's phone rings with a message tone. D
  • 39
  • 40
    Face - Number of people who want to be my valentine
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  • 41
    Text - Todays definition of a Boyfriend Girlfriend: Someone you think you find attractive and spend time with and then breakup afterwards... Just like the 20 others before...
  • 42
    Face - When one of your friends is dropping out of school in hopes to become a professional memer. *CONCERN* CHA E
  • 43
    Text - normal people ina relationship vs me in a relationship
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  • 44
    Text - Know your worth.. then add local and federal taxes, shipping and handling, cancellation and processing fees.
  • 45
    Text - When people tell you to look on the bright side of life No image available
  • 46
    Text - when you're choosing ur college schedule you'll hear a voice saying "just take the 8AM class it won't be that bad." that's the devil talking
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  • 47
    Green - when your bff gets a boyfriend and you thinking of ways to break them up so you can be priority # 1 again yarfaontuergf IBISMACES
  • 48
    Cheese - when your'e trying to be cheesy, but everyone around you is laughtose intolerant
  • 49
    Cartoon - Friends: What are you gonna do with Valentine's Day? Me: Just gonna hit arms.. ThemGainz Official FAPPNG
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  • 50
    White - who is she


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