I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

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    "Found in the dumpster tied in a trash bag. What a sweet soul as well. Poor thing."

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    "Old wives tale debunked! When we lifted the blanket look what was underneath, DENNIS!!!! Yes, Bumby is still breathing, lol"

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    "My neighbor threw this guy out..."


    "My neighbor threw this guy out back in august because he decided he didn't want a cat anymore. He did this with another cat last year, and I saved her and found her a good home. After trying since august, I finally captured him last night."

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    "Can cats tell when you're ill?..."

    Hair - VBE

    "Can cats tell when you're ill? This little man hasn't left my side for days and even slept on me two nights running. He's normally affectionate but not to this degree. Has anyone else experienced this?"

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    "Boyfriend won’t let me get him and I’m in tears. Had to show his precious self somewhere"

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    "My 5 month old girl broke her leg last night (halloween). Please pray she recovers quickly"

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    "Might have to say goodbye to this guy..."


    "Might have to say goodbye to this guy. He's been with me since 6th grade and I'm now 21. He's got some type of stones that will require a $1500 surgery and a special diet or they have to put him down. I've already lost my dog and grandad this year. Any advice on possibly lowering surgery cost?"

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    "Do I need to get my little guy a friend? I need advice he is 10 weeks I work full time. He gets left during the day ;( he will be a house cat. So is it best to get another one?"

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    "here are pictures of my cat Anus(imo she could be a cat model)"

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    "Charcoal, Storm or socks"

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    "What kind of cat do I have?"

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    "What's the funniest thing your cat ever stole/tried to steal?"

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    "Best $5 I ever spent"

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    "Everyone argues over who is cutest. I want to settle this once and for all. What's your pick, Quinn (L) or Maple (R)?"


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